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    Is there a way to have more than 2 inputs to control an output? If I add a 3rd, I get errors with the simulator.... Dave ;2 input AND gate main: if pinC.1 = 1 and pinC.2 = 1 then high c.4 else low c.4 endif goto main
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    Extended time delay

    What can I use or how can I setup a controller that would trigger an output every 60 or 90 minutes. Dave
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    3 pin ceramic resonator

    Sorry but first time using a chip that required the external resonator....looking to use the 3 pin unit so just asking is there a device that you would use? Dave
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    interface with 3x4 keypad

    Been away for a while...I am working on a project for my work to display safety videos on a TV by pressing buttons using a 3x4 keypad to communicate to a Picaxe. I know I can pull this off by using many push buttons and input pins but was hoping to interface via this keypad. The MP4 player is...
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    twinkle little star

    Need some guidance please... Working with my girl on a school project and we want to simulate a star in the sky. Trying to; run a LED @ 50% the whole time and to be able to give it a quick flash @100% as needed for the effect. Dave
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    Using restart/resume with multi task

    Question, I use this for triggering 10 watt LED strobes with a PIR for Halloween and noticed if I add another output "START5" the chip stops working. Is 4 the limit with this configuration? Dave #Picaxe 14m2 symbol PIR = pinc.3 symbol strobe1 = B.1 symbol strobe2 = B.2 symbol strobe3 = B.3...
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    Hello all...are there any Picaxe hacks for the RGB SynchroLight strings? I am asking because Home Depot is selling them for 5.99 for a 12 light string. I opened a box, 3 wires between lamps with a pre programmed pod at the front of the string. Dave
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    transistor with pwm

    Just asking, it may have been covered before but what is the best transistor to use with a PWM output? Dave
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    DFPlayer mini

    Since MDfly removed their more popular MP3 player that I have been using for years with my Halloween controllers, I was given direction to the Robotshop for the DFPlayer mini. I am using a basic code just to see if I can make it work but looks like I am not communicating via serial. The player...
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    Serial out

    Working on a project for Halloween that has 3 MP3 players which will feed 3 talking props. Will any output port transmit a serial command to trigger the MP3 player? It seems to work ok with the simulator but just asking anyway. Dave
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    serial data

    What is the rule of thumb for cable runs (max distance) using serial data between devices and is there a preferred cable to use? Dave
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    Adjusting pulsin with trim pot

    I am working on a project for RC receiver to control outputs but wanted to know if a trim pot could be placed in the code so fine tuning of the pulsin signal could be performed after the chip has been programmed and installed. Here is my sample code...
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    Some guidance with serial

    I have been using Mdlfy MP3 players for all of my Halloween projects with no major issues but now I am moving on to MP4 players that can be controlled via serial communications. They are talking serial voltage @ 3.3-5.0, damage to the player if not correct and so on. So I wanted to see if...
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    GE color changing holiday lights (color effects)

    Has anyone worked with these lights and controlling them with Picaxe? Many years ago Costco had them "GE G35" and not I see they have come back on the market at Lowes. Dave
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    Using a 12vdc input signal

    Question, what would be the best way to use a 12vdc signal to operate an input pin? Resistor or zener diode to bring the voltage down that the picaxe can handle without making the chip disappear from the circuit board in a cloud of smoke? Dave
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    pulsin question

    I am working on a 3 position switch to control a few devices on an RC plane and I can only get 2 out of 3 to work. What ever I do, the pulsing 150 will not work. I am sure it is something simple that I am over looking, any help would be great. Don't let the file name fool you...... Dave
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    Can you turn on/off multiple pins in a single line? "I think" I have seen other codes within the forum do this but cant seem to remember if or how it can be written out. Dave
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    using START

    I try to work out my own problems by trial and error but this time I asking the experts! Can I control the "Start" command by using an input. I am using a PIR to trigger my Halloween props but wanted to setup a code to trigger a string of strobe with different timing values using a single chip...
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    ge 35 led christmas lights

    Has anyone made a controller for these LED lights using a Picaxe? Dave
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    In need of help

    I have been working with this code for about 3 days and trying to get it working without bothering forum members but I am throwing in the towel. I am working on an audio player that will play scary music and continue to loop until the PIR is triggered to play a second file of screams and then go...