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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Currently the Picaxe scope pages are nowhere on the internet. A while ago I moved my DPScope site to a new (free) hosting service, which required some amount of manual tweaking (Yahoo web design tool tries to make it unusable unless you directly upload to their - paid - hosting). Haven't got...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Ok I now found the other post you are referring to. First, DPScope SE/PCB Scope is not the same as the old Picaxe-based oscilloscope which Dietmar apparently owns, and the software of these two models is different (meaning, the SE software is of no help to him). Second, all my scope software for...
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    KIT120 osc.

    Hello, checking in after quite a while... The Picaxe scope (KIT120) software is Windows based, written in Visual Basic. There might(!) be a possibility to get it to run under Mac OS using some sort of Windows emulator, but I am not really familiar with Mac OS. Regards, Wolfgang
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Hi, which scope are you referring to? The (very old and large ) Picaxe-based oscilloscope, or the small OSC001 PCB scope? For the latter, software etc. is available for download from my website (as mentioned, DPScope SE and the PCB scope are identical circuits and use the same software)...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Yes most likely cause for a USB cable not working with the scope is that the cable is just for power (charging), i.e. it lacks the data lines for communication. Frequent giveaway is that the cable diameter is very small.
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    I might make the software publicly available if it makes sense. So far it still seems to work perfectly fine on all Windows versions, of course apart from its somewhat "classic" look and feel, thus at the moment no plans for any update or conversion which would be quite some work. That said...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Make sure you install the correct software, i.e. the one for the DPScope SE, not the one for the "normal" DPScope. There is only a single version for your scope, found here: The headers should both have the same number of pins and fill all available...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    j1 and j2 doesn't make a difference. The turned header pins have a smaller diameter and will fit better into the breadboard so this is the one to be mounted pointing downwards. The square pins are too large and would damage the breadboard over time but they fit standard jumper cables (coming in...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Yes due to several different reasons it does not look like I will be able to offer the scopes and kits now or in the future. (also my visits to this discussion board have become rather rare, even though I really enjoy the positive and helpful atmosphere here!). Of course I will still support all...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Hello, here is the creator of the PCB Scope / DPScope SE speaking (there is no difference in functionality or performance between these two, they also use exactly the same software. The PCB Scope is simply a bare-bones version, by using surface mount components and omitting "real" probe...
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    PCB scope - a present from Santa?

    That may be more a limit of the signal source you used than the scope. The scope has about 300 kHz analog bandwidth so at 38 kHz frequency should display a pretty nice square wave (since the bandwidth is sufficient to pass 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonic). Just tried with a Rigol function generator as...
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    PCB scope - a present from Santa?

    Stress relief Below are two pictures of the proposed stress relief. Works fine, costs close to nothing and is takes about two minutes to install (this includes the time spent looking for the cable ties :=)
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    "ultra" command

    I just noticed in the change log for the Programming Editor that there is a new command, "ultra", available for the M2 and X2 parts. Works with the ultrasonic distance sensor. After some tries I got it to compile (ultra c.0, w0 on a Picaxe 20X2); haven't got the hardware at hand to really try it...
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    I2C calculations - very readable article about pullup resistor size, bus loading etc.

    Questions about I2C communications have come up frequently in the past - often regarding the choice of pullup resistors (2.2k? 4.7k?), maximum data rate for a certain bus length etc, so I thought this article should be helpful to many of you...
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    Logicator confusion

    I just started introducing my 7 year old son into Picaxe programming on the Microbot. For this I am using the Logicator. We have LEDs blinking and Happy Birthday playing (just copied the examples in the Microbot manual) so the first hurdle is behind us and my son is very excited. However a few...
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    Datalogger Program (VB6) including source code

    Due to popular request - full grapical datalogger program writtem in VB6 - stripped down version of my DPScope software. Includes source code: Wolfgang
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    Your opinion counts - questions regarding simple but usable oscilloscope

    Late Christmas. :-) Attached is a stripped-down version of the original DPScope software with manual connect - datalogger mode only. It still works with the DPScope (not the DPScope SE). Includes full source code (VB6) and a compiled EXE. To use it with the Picaxe you need to implement a couple...
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    Simple oscilloscope for Picaxe work - finally finished! (DPScope SE)

    "Only" 18 months between proof of concept and final design of what was supposed to be a minor diversionary effort on the side... but finally I finished the DPScope SE project. For those interested in the history, look at these two threads...
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    Article about pulse width modulation (PWM)

    This may be of interest to the Picaxe community - judging from the number of times someone asks about how to choose reasonable parameters for PWM frequency and low pass filter: Wolfgang