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    serial echo program, dropping characters

    My first foray into serial communications on the 14M is going well, but there's one slight problem I can't track down. I'm trying to just make a simple serial "echo" program that will send back whatever I send it, but it occasionally drops characters. main: serin 1, N2400, b0 serout 0...
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    can't get pwmout to work on 14M

    I'm having trouble getting pwmout to work on my 14M. I have an LED hooked up to out 2. I know it works because a simple 'high 2' makes it light up. However, I can't get it to light up to any pwmout command. I've tried 'pwmout 2, 99, 200' (50%), 'pwmout 2, 199, 800' (slower, 100%) plus...
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    programmer for non-commercial use only?

    From the software download page: "The Programming Editor software is free to educational and home users (non-commercial use)." What do I do if I want to sell devices with the picaxe chip in them? Switch to pics instead? Use the crocodile software?