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    Auto Switch off

    Many thanks all. Sorry I forgot to put up the circuit I had just tried. I thought the start button would short out the capacitor and refresh the time up period, however when time is up it restarts again. I want it to finish.
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    Auto Switch off

    I am trying to make a battery disconnect when a time of inactivity is up. I was trying to find how I could have a 555 timer which has a default time of 3 minutes, but could be continually refreshed when a push button switch is pressed momentarily (taking trigger to low) and discharging timing...
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    I am wanting to build batteries in a project to supply 9 volts. I looked at AA and PP9 batteries and then came across lithium version of PP9. Are the lithium batteries the best choice for getting 9 volts? Are there fire risks on battery discharging too low? Can I use a normal battery charger...
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    Connector problem

    I bought some ribbon cable - 10 Way Unscreened Flat Ribbon Cable, 12.7 mm Width I did not realize how difficult it would be to solder to a 2.54mm 10 way header neatly. I have a 10 way male 2.54mm header on my board waiting to join with the cable. I looked around for ribbon connectors but found...
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    Hall switch not producing low output

    I have been through 4 devices type A3213eua-t hall switches. Aail to go down to ov output, typically 0.04 volts. The datasheets show a 50k resistor going from 5v supply pin to the output pin. I used to get away with 10k resistors, however to get as near to 0 volts I had to use 100k resistors...
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    HC-12 working supply

    Got my board set up, and now the configuration editor appears. However I set my configurations and press Send, but get error? I am only using 1 HC-12 with an 08M2 Also keeping SET held to ground. Using AXE027 Cable What am I doing wrong? Thanks EDIT: Just clicked logo, says Release 1 12 Jan...
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    HC-12 working supply

    I did not want to tack this onto another running HC-12 thread, not fair on the origins. Does anyone know a UK source of WORKING HC-12 devices. I bought 6 on Ebay, 3 from 2 suppliers and all dead? Don't know if anyone has same experience and knows trusted source. RS Components don't have. I...
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    PCB Headers

    Many thanks both, appologies for delay getting back. Yes those connectors look good, it's the female ones I was looking for. And the link for the crimp tool is a good price. The connectors are normally found on small cooling fans and servo's. Thanks again
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    PCB Headers

    Sorry not directly a Picaxe question. I am finding a lot of 0.1mm PCB female headers (soldered pins) being floppy when pushed on the male part (pins) However, the ones fitted on the ends of servos and fans, being crimped pins and much firmer. Does anyone know of a cheap crimping tool in the...
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    Avoiding relay use

    I while ago I saw a possible way to close switch contacts on a camera without using a relay. I am trying to short out switches to ground which are OSD settings on a camera. I found the menu modes would open and operate if I put 1k or 10k resistors across the pushbutton switches. I seem to...
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    AXE027 problems

    Sorry if not clear how I wrote it. I reinstalled my cable, and the installer from rev_ed installed the cable into port 17. However when I tried to download to a 14M2 it reported not being found on Com17. When I went into options/Serial Port it showed many ports with AXE027 next to them, all...
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    AXE027 problems

    I am getting problems finding an available port for my cable. It wants port 17 but that's being used. When I look at ports with the editor I see multiple entries on ports showing AXE027 but unavailable. I am probably to blame never plugging into the same USB. I am using Windows 7, anybody know...
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    Has this site been hacked?

    Please read #4
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    Arduino and Picaxe

    Can Arduino high/low outputs be put into Picaxe Pins to make Picaxe inputs high/low? Can one simply stick a 1k resistor between the two pins or isn't life that easy? Thanks
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    V5.0 error

    Thanks, sorry for delay. It wont do any Picaxe now. Tried system file check (SFC/Scanow), restored pc from earlier backup, ran malware and antivirus checks, still not working. Tried program cable on my laptop, that did not work. Can the cable go faulty? No external damage to it, don't know whats...