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    Need one more Output

    I support IWP's proposal to move to a newer variant of PICAXE microcontroller. Looking at a vintage copy of the PICAXE Manual 1 (V5.2 from April 2004) the 18A only has 8 outputs whereas the 18X has 9 outputs suggesting the SEROUT pin option is likely not possible. Since you were proposing an...
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    John, You fail to also mention that the datasheet states: “For 8 pin PICAXE chips either position may be used (breadboard wires are required between the adapter and the 8 pin chip).” If you look at the bottom of the datasheet, the available copy (per my link at post 11, the datasheet was...
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    Problem reading from MCP23016

    Notwithstanding the W3 variable matter, the key problem was that you were not using the correct MCP23017 registers for set-up and reading the inputs. Nevertheless, great to read that you are now making progress 👍
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    Problem reading from MCP23016

    First set the IOCON (reg $0A) to zero (0) next to set the ports they are then registerS $00 and $01 (Otherwise they are $00 and $10) you are trying to set registers 6 and 7 to set up the direction of the 16 IO pins. Next to read the inputs you need to read (hi2cin) from the GPIOA ($12) and...
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    Problem reading from MCP23016

    I cannot see where you set up the register format for ports A and B as blocks or sequential. I did quite a bit some years ago with the MCP23017. Have a look at some of my code here (post 6 in particular): And see if that...
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    By the AXE029 datasheet, assembly is required: The PICAXE store listing for the AXE029 also clearly indicates “Self assembly kit, requires simple soldering”
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    rs232 driver

    What you have posted is basically a schematic. I feel you have a question but may need to elaborate on you problem or information. what is the source (internet link) for the diagram you provided? Tell us more and folks here can help.
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    5V Source for SN754410 "ENABLE" Pins

    Yes, 0 volt is what is often referred to as “ground”. But if battery powered or through many power supplied The 0 volt connection is not connected to ground (and thus is not earthed/grounded as is the metalwork on a mains powered device).
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    5V Source for SN754410 "ENABLE" Pins

    There is no problem in using the +5 V d.c. powering the SN754410 Vcc1 to also pull the two enable pins high - using a 10 kOhm pull up resistor as you suggest. Remember also to ensure that the 0 Volt line to the SN754410 is also connected to the 0 Volt line for the microcontroller. like IWP I...
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    Seems the last post to date by hippy was on 11th June 2020 and his last visit to the forum was on 25th July 2020.
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    Ideas for measuring model railway loco speed

    My speedometer wagon could be another option rather than a fixed device:
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    Interrupts prematurely cancelling pause and waits - fix on the horizon?

    As IWP has indicated above, it is more a case of a documented feature. see note 4 Accordingly, no “fix” has ever been considered. The usual recommended method for those who do have pauses of extended duration has been, as...
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    Picaxe 08 ^ 433MHz Tx Rx

    David Lincoln originally had a website from which all the code in the book and a lot of errata (I had provided a lot of feedback to the Vol 1 errata just as the book was released) was available to save time typing. Lincsoft website has gone but the wayback Website has archives For volume 2...
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    Slots, variables and RAM in an M2

    Hello Derek, have you read the information about the RUN command:
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    Potentiometers - reading and recording values

    If using the SERVO and SERVOPOS commands a byte variable is used and thus only values 0 to 255 are possible and accepted by the command. In this case there is no advantage in using the READADC10 - you would need to shift the value right (divide by 4) to use the top 8 bits. lit using your...