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    New to serial

    I have never done any programming of serial communication between Picaxes or anything else, for that matter. There is a lot of info around but it is not organized, so I'm not sure where to start. I've looked around for a beginner tutorial to serial coms on Picaxe with a number of...
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    Through glass touch sensor

    Hi, I just checked and found out the last time I was on the Forum was 5 years ago! I am back into PICaxe due to a project. A few years ago, someone mentioned the QT113-D touch sensor, which can detect touches through as much as 100mm (4") thick glass or plastic. Here's one US vendor...
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    Heading hold gyro

    Does anyone know how sensitive these devices (used in RC helicopters, etc.) are? That is, if put in a small car, how close to a straight line can they hold it? A PICaxe would provide a starting reference signal to the servo. Here are several of many available...
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    metal detector

    Haven't been on in ages. I've got a lot of catching up to do! I need a simple metal detector to interface with a Picaxe that can detect a metal ball (probably steel) as it approaches to within a couple inches. Suggestions? I would prefer if not operate on light or IR or sound but rather on...
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    08 proto board -> 18X

    Has anyone modified the 08 proto board to program other picaxes such as the 18X? Doesn't look too difficult. I use it to program the 08 and 08M but I use a breadboard to do my 18Xs. (I don't include the programming equipment on each PCB I make.) I want to be able to program both from the...