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    Win8 AXE027 driver problems

    OK, I installed the PICAXE driver on both the usb and the com device but it still doesn't work. This is a screenshot of what the Picaxe terminal shows when I have connected power (4.62V). It keeps adding the same lines...
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    Win8 AXE027 driver problems

    I tried to install the drivers of my new AX027 cable on my Windows 8.1 laptop but I keep failing. I first used the preinstaller method like described in the manual. After plugging the cable in, I tried to download a program on the Picaxe but I got thee "Hardware not found" error. I tried the...
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    Picaxe spot welder controller

    I'm new to Picaxe and would like to start with this project. I don't have much experience in programming anything except a little Visual Basic on the PC. I have already experimented with the Picaxe Editor / simulator and I'm suprised how simple the basics are. I've built a battery tab spot...