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    O.T charging current set resistor help

    i got my digikey order today with lots of great things to play with, amongst them a little single cell li-ion/li-po charger ic. currently the only little single cell i have to eventually test it with handles a max 1c charge of 100mah, after looking through the datasheet i really cant seem to...
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    poke sfr, pwm alternate pin??

    im using an 08m2 to control an H bridge chip for my scale winch controller and was curious if i could use the poke sfr to switch the output pin for the pwm signal, im sure a long while ago i read this question asked by someone else but cant find what im looking for. currently i have c.0 and c.1...
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    OT: best resources for 'C' language from those here that dabble in raw pics too.

    well after about 2 years of playing with the picaxe i finally took the plunge to playing with the pic's in their native form. in the last week since my pickit3 arrived i "retired" one of my 08M2 DIP chips and have been slowly working through various different tutorials i find to get more...
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    bit banging spi, dont think im getting anywhere

    reading register 02, default values are %00000011 and logic says.......... now i just have to start looking at tidying things up and maybe a short pause before the gosub as my logic keeps saying the cs leading edge is missing, it doesnt do it all the time so maybe upping the sampling rate but...
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    bit banging spi, dont think im getting anywhere

    hopefully this is a good sign but i finally got the data for one command i was expecting to see. hippy i put a 10k pulldown on the miso line and cleared up the noise and then moved my chip select commands to the main portion of the code as you suggested with them before the shiftout gosub and...
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    bit banging spi, dont think im getting anywhere

    i swapped out the 14m2 for a 20m2 just incase the chip has suffered from years of abuse but still similar results with a barely used and not abused 20m2 lol
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    bit banging spi, dont think im getting anywhere

    datasheet for the beken bk2421 i.c used in the module
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    bit banging spi, dont think im getting anywhere

    lately i have decided to get around to playing with some wireless modules i have had for a while, they are spi interface and as i only have M2 series picaxe to play with i have to use the bit banging method to try and get these working. the modules have been used before by goeytex and with...
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    ordering issues, paypal???

    even tried ordering as guest and manually putting info in and still it says "address state empty" which it is not!!! why the heck can i not order??? i have spent i dont know how long trying to get to the point of paying and it always says my address is not correct even though it is. this is...
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    ordering issues, paypal???

    my details are entered correctly but still no luck, all i want to do is spend some money lol
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    ordering issues, paypal???

    is anyone else had issues recently trying to order from tech supplies? i ordered about a month ago with no problems and going to order again tonight it keeps throwing back an error for shipping adress state. ive double and triple checked my paypal info matches whats in my profile info for the...
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    lipo monitor for 2 cell battery

    as the title says im after some information for monitoring both cells in my 2s lipo. occasionally after i have been running my rc crawler i check my individual cell voltages with my dmm to see how the cells have discharged after running and a few times i have found that one cell has...
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    reflow pick & place?

    its not going to be as bad as it seems, you dont have to worry too much about 100% alignment as the solder will pull the components into place once it reflows. from experience i learned to redesign my board with pretty much all small components on one side and the bigger on the other, just so i...
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    70t03h replacment

    datasheet. tony
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    Newbie having problems w axe027 usb cable and downloading

    ok im not familiar with most of the boards reve ed sell but i assume this is a self assembly board? if so do you have a 3pin header jumper that you need to switch for alternating between programming/using the serial pins as g.p inputs/outputs? if that is not in the prog position maybe thats...