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    28x2 Axe200 Srf005 Ultrasonic Problem

    Hi I can't get a reading off my srf005 with my Axe200 project board. I read somewhere about the Srf005 not liking to run at 8MHz? However I can't change the frequency of the Axe200 because it uses an external resonator. 28x2 Code: *********************************** symbol trig = c.5 symbol...
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    Inconsistant serial input problem

    Hi, I am having some trouble interfacing a bluesmirf bluetooth module and a picaxe 28x1. I can send serial commands over a terminal(lynxterm) on my laptop via bluetooth, but sometimes the commands don't display correctly. I am using a picaxe 28x1 with 4 LED outputs(pins 1,2,3,4) and one serial...
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    Bang & Olufsen BeoLink 1000 Remote Control

    Hi Everyone :) I am interested in making a IR remote window rollerblind. I want to use my existing B&O remote as it controls my TV and Stereo. My plan is to rig up an Infrared receiver and debug the signal received from the remote control. What I am wondering is if I can decode the signal...
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    Trouble converting Visual Basic program to Picaxe Basic

    Hi everyone :) For some time now I have been trying to write a program in Picaxe basic that would let me map out a room using wavefront mapping. I found someone who had already done it :) but not in Picaxe basic only Visual Basic which am not familiar with. I have managed to convert most of...
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    release date(i.e when can we buy it) for PICAXE-28X2 module

    Hi, I emailed tech supplies over a month ago regarding when I could purchase the PICAXE-28X2 module and I received a reply saying 2-3 weeks. Still no modules available :( just 'available soon' Anyone know when they will be for sale ? Cheers.
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    Microchip 24LC256/P memory register question

    Hi, Just a quick question regarding memory registers, sorry if its been asked before. I have been looking up how to writei2c and readi2c on the 24LC256/P. I understand about the i2c bit, however when I am reading the picaxe i2c pdf it keeps on...
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    reading pwm on cmp03 compass?

    Hi, I am trying to read the pwm signal from a cmp03 magnetic compass. I have read the documentation ( but I am unsure what code to use because there are no examples on the documentation? I tried a google search for cmp03 pwm but couldn't find...
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    Is it possible to program a 28x2 program slot from another program slot?

    Hi Everyone, I was looking at the picaxe X2 product briefing and whilst reading about program slots I began to wonder if program slot 0 could write to program slot 1,2 or 3 ? ? If so maybe slot 0 could incorporate a wireless receiver and write to slot 2 or slot 3 then after it has written the...
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    how to map x y co-ordinates on a picaxe 28x1

    Hi all, I am building a drink fetching robot using a Airat2 Micromouse Body Set with 2 x Sanyo Denki 103H546-0440 (Nema Frame 17) stepper motors and a JS Motor Board (I got a good deal on ebay! ) I am interfacing it with a 28x1 picaxe. My plan is to navigate around a 9 x 9 square (20x20 each...
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    Stepper motor vibrates instead of turns :(

    Hi, I have a stepper motor from rs spares which I cant get to turn: I have searched all over the forums but have had no luck, the code I have been using is: ' RED +5V ' GREEN +5V ' YELLOW output7 ' ORANGE...
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    stepper motor identification help?

    Hi, I have two stepper motors taken from two 5-1/4 floppy drives, they have 4 wires coming out of them: 1 yellow 1 blue 1 red 1 white. From what I have read on the internet I think these are bipolar stepper motors but I would like some clarification on this if anyone knows please? The...
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    some info on infrain for a newby please ?

    Hi everyone, I want to control a robot with the infrain command on my picaxe 28x. I have bought the infrared receiver from the rev-ed website (LED020 Infrared sensor) and I have a generic universal remote control to communicate with it. I have read that the infrain uses the sony protocol for...
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    Simple 28x question, please help !

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 28x chip and the picaxe axe020 motor controller. I have installed a l293d chip and I used this board to control 2 motors speed and direction. The problem I have however is I cannot get the inputs to work ! I want to input on pin 17, this is input/output 6. The...