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    Is Hserin really this slow?

    Wow! Thanks. I don't need any serial input at the moment, but I know where to look when I do. Thanks again, very much appreciated.
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    Windows 7 alternative?

    I seriously dislike almost everything about Windows 7. With Classic Shell and Classic Explorer I can just about live with it. Windows XP's UI suited my thought process far better. Windows 10 I can barely use without a long, long stream of expletives about the parentage of those who wrote it. By...
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    Stack Overflow challenge ...

    Oh dear :( I had thought that Subroutines were 'better' than coding in a linear fashion, where the program simply ran from top to bottom requiring the use of jumps to branch execution. Early Psion OPL was done thus, large programs using that were tricky at times to follow. A semi relational...
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    Stack Overflow challenge ...

    A base PIC device always appears to reset on overflow. Though after I originally posted that I did wonder if when the pointer returned to the first address on the stack, if that was the startup routine which initialises the program it would appear to an observer (me!) to have reset, when in fact...
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    Stack Overflow challenge ...

    Does a PicAxe device not reset on a stack overflow? Due to extensive use of (nested) subroutines I have accidently caused overflow errors in "real" PICs, which has always seemed to cause them to reset and start the program from the beginning. Is this not the case for PicAxe?
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    Motor speed control by PWM

    Perhaps see if you can buy (borrow?) the Elektor articles that describe the POV Clock printed around six years ago. That uses a diode sensor (IR?) to detect the start of a rotation and uses that to sync the updating of the display. The article(s) could give you some ideas for your design?
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    SPE035 Serial MP3 - Playing short files

    That's useful information, thanks. Sadly, our customers want to be able to update their own 'music'. It is tricky enough getting across the \01\001.mp3 folder\file naming convention, without dealing with organising them on the allocation table too. I originally designed a prototype using a VLSI...
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    SPE035 Serial MP3 - Playing short files

    In my experience of the (superb) SPE035, the start time of the files can vary. This could be down to the location of the files on the storage device, the file structure used, or the storage device itself. This leads to a conundrum when testing the busy flag to see whether a file has started to...
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    Non picaxe question - audio voltage divider

    Be careful. Most, if not all, car audios use bridge amplification. None of the speaker outputs have a common ground. Accidentally connecting any output to another, or to a common ground can immediately destroy the output stage. Connecting the 'high' level speaker outputs into an amplifier that...
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    14M2 2-4 line LCD PCB

    You could try putting a single series diode to all the 0V (ground) connections of the LCD then connecting the contrast pin *directly* to 0V, making it slightly lower than "LCD" ground by around 0.7V. Has worked for me in the past.
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    I might write that as: If Day=$1 Or Day=$7 Then If Hour>=$09 And Hour <=$17 Then Let Heat =19 Return EndIf EndIf It is possible your version is not being interpreted in that way.
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    Perhaps (as a first step) the compiler could be updated and the command line syntax for using it, published allowing it to be integrated into an alternative IDE/editor.I've said before that Mac compatibility was one of the main resons for me starting to use PicAxe when I worked at an FE College...
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    I still use my iMac for programming. For home, and another iMac for programming at work. Cross platform usage was one of the first things that led me to PicAxe. I would be sorry to see it lost. I'd like to imagine that a fairly simple recompile with a 64bit compiler would see AxePad 64bit ready...
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    adc stability for volt meter

    Try this: Grid Frequency Monitor Monitors Mains frequency and voltage. 120V compatible too.
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    Monitoring the load on the National Grid with a PicAxe

    There is a very minor update to the software. The only difference is that I reduced the step(s) of the frequency compensation adjustment for calibrating the internal oscillator of the PicAxe.