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    FM Tuner TEA5767 selecting Frequency

    Hi Hippy, Thanks - I bet this made you head hurt!!!!! It works a treat. I don't fully understand all of it yet, i'll work my way through it. Thanks again Tim
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    FM Tuner TEA5767 selecting Frequency

    Hi Alan, YES I barely understood my question never mind your answer!!!!!! Brilliant , The bytes contain the values in the line of code ie 152 and 44. These are sent out via I2C. I just need to check the solution covers all of the FM broadcast range (87 - 108 MHZ) (93.3MHZ is Radio 4...
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    FM Tuner TEA5767 selecting Frequency

    DearAll With a bit of time on my hands I want to built a waterproof radio because a lot of time is spent outdoors. I have a TEA 5767 module , which with the help of another member's code from this forum I can receive stations. However the station frequency is entered into the module via the...
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    HT1621 Display

    Dear westaust55, It was never my intention in wasting yours or other members time - apologies for this. In the past I've used AY0438 for simple 7 segment displays using the attached code. I'm struggling to understand some of the command codes. The Arduio code is also attached thanks
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    HT1621 Display

    Dear All, Has anyone tried one of these , I'm struggling understanding the datasheet. I've found some sample code to use with the Arduino, but don't have the skill to translate. Any thoughts please Tim
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    logic AND OR

    Dear All, 20m2 picking up d1 d2 d3 d4 from GSM modem . These will be four character words NORM, HOUR, FLIP the PE passes the syntaxon the code below as correct, but "passes" if only the first character is correct. I'm trying to allow both uppercase and lowercase characters I must be making a...
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    PWM to set a voltage

    Hello, I want to set a voltage ( between 1v and 3v) on a pin of the L297 stepper motor controller to limit current. I 've looked at a commercial piece of equipment that outputs a pin on a PIC to a low pass filter onto Vref of L297 ( 10nF and 10K Resistor). I'm OK working out the mark...
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    GSM TEXTing problem

    Hello, I'm trying to use a maestro gsm module to control my central by receiving exact 4 character texts ( NORM = normal, HOUR will extend the heating etc) using 20M2 chip and a rs232 to ttl adapter. SEROUT using pinc.7 8MHZ I want to send AT+CMGR= 1 ,13(CR) ( will delete all message at...
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    Firmware >= run DA 18M2 only

    Dear all, I'm unable to programme a 18m2 for the above error message. any thoughts please? Tim
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    XBEE Pro

    Dear Forum, i'm trying to use one xbee on the PICAXE "connect" board" to 3 other xbee's also on AXE210 connect board. All worked! However, there was limited some range so I changed the xbee( series 1) to xbee pro ( series 1); I also upgraded the 3.3v regulator. But it has not increased...
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    18M2 "pins ="

    In the old days when I used older picaxe chip if I want the output pins to represent a binary number I typed pins = b1 I'm in the process of switching to 18M2's my code lookup hr_ten, (63,6,91,79, 102,109, 125, 7, 127,111,0,64), onrelay let pinsb = onrelay On the simulator the correct...
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    Serin 18m2

    Dear All, Help please, I have an RF solutions GPS modules connected to a 28X1, all worked well on an old project using serin 1,T4800,("$GPRMC,"),b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0, b12,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0,b0, b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,b6,b7,b8,b9,b10,b11...
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    Data logging LC512

    Dear Forum, I'm want to log weather station data over 7 eeprom on the picaxe datalogger board. The wizard addresses each chip using i2c 0 to 16283 for the LC256. Is it as simple as editing the code to 0 to 32535 when using LC512? I understand the need to set set slave address. I also want...
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    simple maths problem!!

    Dear All I'm simulating this simple maths on editor 5.2.7 let w0 = 913 let w1= w0 - 102 let w1= w1 *61 let w3= w1/100 let w2 =w1//100 I hoped w3 would be 494, but the simulator gives me 495. w2 is correct as 71. It seems to round up with some values What I'm I doing wrong please?
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    Irout 28x1

    Hi, Has anyone got any thoughts on this, I'm stuck. I'm trying to communicte using IR. I'm using a 28X1 as the transmitter using the code below for ir_loop = 1 to 5 IROUT 7,1,key_value pause 45 next ir diode on pin7 and the key_value are between 0 and 17. The receiver is a 08M using...