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    What have I got myself into.

    Nice Dalek. I want one, complete with the driver. Good luck with your projects. Bear..
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    Web Graph Display

    @papaof2 , Re; Books, thank you. A nice selection. Bear..
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    Web Graph Display

    @papaof2, A clue to your books please. Apologies for 'Off topic'. Bear..
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    Help to novice...

    sippolone, Thank you for your reply. I like onions too. Bear..
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    Help to novice...

    Very nice 'scope. What is your language? Looks like Google did a good job. I'm still a beginner, unable to help you. Bear..
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    Help to novice...

    Welcome to the forum. These words are just to prepare you. When asking for help, YOU need to give the forum members as much information as possible, (They are busy people). Post your program code, explain what you are trying to do, what is the project you are working on? Good luck, Bear..
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    PWM Jellyfish

    @nbw, I can visualize a mermaid. Good luck, Bear..
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    Maths Problem

    Is there any roof that it's running @ 16 Mhz ? Bear..
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    Changing a normally input pin to an output.

    Hi Gramps, Is this any help? Bear..
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    PE6.1.0.0 Desktop Layout problem (Win. 10).

    Alan, Is this any help? Good luck, Bear..
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    Distance Sensor Preference

    Gramps, I like the leaf spring idea. Have you got an anti-jackknife device on your vehicle? If so, you could tap into that. Just a thought, as Tex would say. Good luck, Bear..
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    Picaxe stops operating

    I would suspect the water valve, if it's on the same supply. Can you introduce 'Disablebod, at the beginning of you program? Good luck, Bear..
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    New Art / Study Project

    @datasmith, Heatsink; solder two copper wires to you alligator clips, obviously extended a little. Regards, Bear..
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    Simple water detection circuit for picaxe

    @mrm, Perhaps I've missed something? Is the object to detect water, or the lack of it. I was thinking along the lines of a water level sensor, float or opto. distortion perhaps. What does industry use? Bear..
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    20M2 As slave

    Thanks eclectic.