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    Picaxe VSM and dacsetup

    Thank you for your reply. I am disappointed that the sales blurb for Picaxe VSM goes to considerable lengths to list all the things that it does do, and it certainly promotes the impression that any valid circuit you choose to create will be simulated, in some sense, by the software. A brief...
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    Picaxe VSM and dacsetup

    Picaxe VSM is telling me that dacsetup is not supported. Is this for real, or am I missing a patch, or is there a workaround? Since Picaxe VSM is still listed for sale I can't imagine that picaxe is selling software that does not fully support their products. Tom W. P.S. A little edit here...
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    Wrong pin numbers on picaxe 14M2 parts

    Hi I have been simulating a circuit using the picaxe 14M2. In my libraries the schematic symbols for both the 14M2 and the 14M2-IC have incorrect pin numbers for pins 2 through 6, being labelled 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 respectively. If I try to correct this by decomposing the symbol, as soon as I do...