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    Check syntax/simulation error

    Thanks Technical. That's given me something to chase. I have been using an old workspace for a new project although it is as you say, likely to be something associated with Dropbox or Google Drive. I am, however, able to convert the file to BASIC and from there Simulate and download to a...
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    Check syntax/simulation error

    I have a simple blockly program which throws up errors when I try to run a simulation or check syntax. See attached screen grabs about missing files. I have tried all the usual (reboot PC and uninstall/reinstall PICAXE editor). My workaround is to convert to BASIC which allows me to work...
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    Daikin AirCon IR standard and codes

    Hi. I have got a project where I control an air conditioner from a PICAXE through an IR remote. Remotes are cheap on Ebay and I have mimicked the key presses with reed relays controlled by the PICAXE (On/off and powerful mode buttons only at this stage). It works well but it would be much...
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    Blockly simulation enhancement suggestion

    The Blockly simulation window is great to visualise inputs and outputs as you run a simulation. However it is difficult to remember what the inputs and outputs are so I usually place a comments around the simulation window so that I can interact with the design more easily. Often however the...
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    Blockly, multi-start and SPE035 block

    Hi everyone I have been trying to get a multi start Blockly program to compile but get an error. To test out the problem I have the very simple test program attached. I have found that a SPE035 block automatically inserts a Setfreq M8 before and a Setfreq Mdefault after the Serout command...
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    Interrupts with Blockly

    I'm moving a blockly design from an 08M2 to a 20M2 chip. Port changes have been straight forward until I got the the Interrupt (a digital input) which is now on C6 (was on C5). The drop down for enabling the Interrupt only allows selection of C0 through to C5 and does not include C6, C7 or...
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    Using interrupts with pause in blockly

    My question relates to what happens when an interrupt is triggered during a pause command. After the Interrupt procedure is finished will the program return to the same time point in the pause command (or perhaps the start or the end of the pause command). thanks
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    Simulation error message

    I have just had a go at simulating the simple Blockly file on another computer also running and it comes up with the same error message. Attached is the xml Blockly file. I have had to rename the file as a txt file to upload.
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    Simulation error message

    There must be a simple explanation for the message I get when I run run a simulation of my Blockly project. I have simplified the blocks down to almost nothing and still get the same error message. I'm prepared for the embarrassment over this but I need to move on. Please have a look at the...
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    Blockly wish list - inverting digital inputs and outputs

    Playing with Blockly over the past week has demonstrated its value in introducing young and old to the coding world. One thing that I find great is the assignment of labels to inputs and outputs. However many designs use a switch shorting to ground when operated and a LED pulled to ground when...
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    Detect PICAXE type in a flowchart

    I have the need for my flowchart to be able to automatically detect if the installed PICAXE is a 8M2 or 20M2 and therefore run an appropriate input/output testing sequence for newly assembled PICAXE stamps. These are the only 2 device possibilities and it would be nice to set a variable...
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    PICAXE serial download pin resistors

    Hi everyone Can someone please explain the purpose of the 22k/10k resistors on the Rx programming pin of the PICAXE. My reason for asking is that I will be driving this pin with an invertor (CMOS compatible schmitt) that will connect to a RS232/USB IC (FT232RL) and not to a AXE027 USB cable...
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    Averaging a ADC input within a flowchart

    Thank you every one for the very useful comments. I have decided to implement the rolling average method suggested using two variables. This should work well although I haven't tried it yet. Response time for the measurements is not important as the parameter being measured is soil moisture...
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    Averaging a ADC input within a flowchart

    I seem to reached my personal limit and that of working with 8 bit integers within PICAXE Editor 6. My problem is that when I read an ADC input (adc_C.1), I get +/- 3 jitter on the value read into the variable (varV). Heavy lowpass filtering 10k/10u has little impact. Layout is relatively...
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    OLED working voltage

    I'm about to drive a AXE133Y OLED with a PIC MCU (PIC32MX240) running on a 3.3v supply. Does anyone have experience running the OLED at 3.3v supply (the spec. sheet says 4.5 or 5v) or alternatively driving the OLED module fed with a 5v supply with lower logic levels that would come from the PIC...