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    redemarrage du picaxe...

    Bonjour, Les schémas de principe et de câblage seraient bien utiles. Avez-vous essayé d'alimenter le picaxe sur des piles/accus?
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    DSMx drone driving

    Hi, It was given to me a drone (PNJ DR-KRAFT) without the remote controller. I intend to use it to film sport practice on programmed trajectories. As the DSMx protocol is being used, on which I should gather more informations, I wonder if it is possible : to handle the DSMx protocol using a...
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    Cannot get rfout and serin to work correctly or reliably

    Some pins on the 18M2 seems not connected (like serial in - pin 3) or the diagram is incomplete?
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    Cannot get rfout and serin to work correctly or reliably

    Hi, At first look, there is something wrong on the transmitter diagram according to the pinout of your TX2 module. Pin 2 should be connected to Vcc but is connected to GND considering a mirrored view, etc. The pinout of the TX2 should be identical to the datasheet.
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    PWM motor drive makes PICAXE reset

    I wish placing capacitors would solve your problem ; that's a good practice. It did not work on our circuit driving a robot in PWM mode. The working solution was to supply separately the microcontroller side using a diode and a large capacitor (470/1000µF), so low voltage drops would not affect...
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    Looking for "Optical Encoder" to Count Wheel Revolutions

    Hi, Years ago, we did use an encoder-design software you may find here :
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    Choice of Display module.

    Interesting to know : the TM1637 chip also integrate a keyboard scan interface.
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    Choice of Display module.

    Hi, If you really want a led display, how many digits per line do you need and what is the chosen colour (red, yellow, green, white, ...)? You may find some 4 to 6 digits displays based on TM1637 chip (e.g. 4 digits led display) or 8 digits based on MAX7219 chip (e.g. 8 digits led display)...
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    Shift registers

    Hi, Have a look at this project, submitted in 2016 : Shift Register
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    AXE300 +grove mp3 v2.0

    Bonjour, Bienvenue sur le forum. J'ai découvert par hasard votre message. Il est malencontreusement placé sur les projets terminés, au lieu de la partie francophone. Concernant votre problème, avez-vous suivi la façon de nommer les fichiers audio sur la carte SD? Voir la notice (en anglais)...
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    Bizarre 18X headscratcher

    You don't mention if your PCB is home-made. I would recommend to check the tracks with an ohmmeter. Is a socket soldered on the PCB or are you using the same in both case? A picture could help. The download socket could be eventually a faulty one.
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    Bizarre 18X headscratcher

    @AllyCat : logic level on pin 4 (Reset) is probably correct otherwise the chip would not flash the LED.
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    Bizarre 18X headscratcher

    On the download socket, RXD and TXD are they properly connected ? (above view like in Picaxe manual) Can you trace the signal, using a scope?
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    Bizarre 18X headscratcher

    Hi, Did you check from the copper side of your pcb or from the chip side of the socket? It could be a bad solder joint.