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    >> HOWEVER...the depiction shows 2 resistors on the top but the pinouts are depicted as they are on the bottom. >> (I still do not understand why the pin designations on the underside are different from the top side depiction when the topside depiction has to be correct ). Please post a photo...
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    Can I use an 18X picaxe with Blockly

    The 18X was discontinued many years before Blockly was developed, so yes Blockly programming requires the newer features of the M2 chips.
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    Check syntax/simulation error

    The missing files are just temporary filenamess (the blockly is converted to temporary basic file for compilation). This is unusual - something external to the PE6 software is preventing the temporary files being saved.
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    Loosing PicAxe chips

    Out of a, b and c only b could be the culprit! Many power supplies do not regulate as they advertise, and yes they can spike and kill the chip. Go back to the original setup and test with 3xAA cells instead to give 4.5V, we suspect you will then never have an issue. Mechanically check the...
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    PICAXE products are used extensively in schools around the world, and the global pandemic has caused many school closures in many countries for several months, which has had a significant effect on educational sales, both direct and via our regional distributors. Therefore a number of Rev-Ed...
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    put and get don't work with s_wn variables in simulator

    Thanks, we'll look into this simulator bug.
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    PE6 Terminal, control character behaviour ?

    All feature requests/bugs are logged on our ticket system.
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    14m2 and Touch16 'channels' ids

    As stated above, the compiler will now auto-correct use of pin number to the corresponding channel number. So touch16 4, w0 won't work for B.4 (as channel 4 is C.4) so you need to use touch16 B.4, w0. PortC is channel 0-7 and portB is channel 8-15 On earlier generation chips we found that...
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    Micropower High pin solution?

    Pins are floating inputs by default until switched to be an output. So a pullup resistor with commands like 'low c.0' (output low) and 'input c.0' (floating input, so pulled up high) will do what you require.
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    What's next after M2?

    PICAXE products are based upon PIC microcontrollers from Microchip. Any new PICAXE generation chip therefore requires a suitable new (ie enhanced, improved and/or new features) base level PICmicro to enable any new generation of PICAXE chips to be developed. As new PICmicros are released every...
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    Motor controller with speed steps stack overflow error picaxe locks up

    People are only trying to help. Using a pencil follow your program line by line. When you get to a goto move the pencil to the next label and just carry on. When you get to a gosub think 'I will come back here whenever I next get to a return command'. Leave a pencil mark, then carry on. When...
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    Problems with hserout/hserptr

    Ok yes, we were referring to the simpler test program which implies an expectation that hserptr will increment for each hserout byte (which it does not). More information on the hardware setup would be beneficial for us all to understand what is being attempted.
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    Problems with hserout/hserptr

    You do not access the scratchpad at all in post 1? Scratchpad is accessed via put / get and @ptr
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    ADC channel numbers

    The historical answer is channel numbers often confused people, so we now recommend that you use the label and let the compiler sort out the rest!
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    Problems with hserout/hserptr

    In this context hserptr tells you how many bytes have been serially received and stored in the scratchpad memory. It is unrelated to how many bytes have been sent, hserptr does not increment just processing a hserout command. However if the device at the other end responds with some data, this...