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    S2Bot lego boost: details on turn motor on for secs

    All the official lego apps always use 0x64 (100 decimal) for maxPower regardless, so so do we! You then set the 'speed' and 'direction' by using a number between -100 and +100
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    Black Friday code for PICAXE Store

    We don't offer free shipping from UK to other countries like the US, however the dollar is doing better against the UK £ these days so that will help you a bit. We offer airmail or FedEx shippng.
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    Black Friday code for PICAXE Store

    Need to stock up on your chips, project boards etc? Use code 'BF10' for 10% off any order over £30 at on Black Friday weekend (29th November -2nd December 2019)
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    Bulk ordering preprogrammed PICAXE chips

    It's not cost effective to custom program a very small batch, say 100 parts, however when you get to larger batches (ideally in the thousands) then this is certainly possible.
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    Problem trying to order from PICAXE store

    Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately it appears there are a couple of known issues with the latest update of our ecommerce software (Magento) that we are waiting for official fixes to, in the mean time we have applied a temporary fix. To bypass the paypal issue described please either 1) uses...
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    Servo driver board is no longer available

    Most people now use AXE231 for servos, it has the same 3 pin headers but is physically smaller than the AXE024 was, hence the reason it has been more popular in recent years.
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    Feature request Named Pipe Plugin

    Any custom development like this needs to be weighed up financially against the cost of the time required to do it, at present we have no other use case for this proposed function and so it is not viable. However it will remain on our future request list, this may change in the future.
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    Motor block customization

    You cannot edit the motor block but you can add a custom block. As already requested, we cannot do anything at all until your provide a fully tested table of high/low commands required for each of all the 9 states. Look at the basic output, for instance, of the AXE020 - this will give you 9...
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    AXE401 Out of stock. Is this a temporary situation ?

    There are no short term plans for another batch of assembled, the (cheaper) self assembly pack has always been much more popular.
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    AXE401 Out of stock. Is this a temporary situation ?

    The self assembly kit is in stock and available here:
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    Motor block customization

    We need a table of the state of all necessary outputs in each of the 9 movements (including stop). So if the user selects forwards (for the robot) which pins are high and which are low?
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    Motor block customization

    Please provide a on/off table of all 4 pins for what you want forward/backward/stop/turn left/turn right (of the robot) to be. For instance if the motors are on opposite sides of the robot you may actually need one motor going forwards and one motor backwards for the robot to physically move...
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    Yes, it will be updated when required. Also you can always use Blockly online at as well. It is actually only the (separate) Mac compilers that are 32 bit, the other 'frontend' of the software will already compile to 64 bit. We are always reluctant to change the core...
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    ASCII character set used by PE6

    Depends on how you are using them. Most use of 'extended' is within LCD or OLED work, and they all vary, so you need to check which font set your actual module uses (by looking at its specific datasheet).
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    Motor block customization

    You can design your own blocks already for use with PE6. Email us your exact requirements and we will show you an example.