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    Problem with a really simple program

    Are you using a pull down resistor on the picaxe's serial in pin?
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    Wireless programming ?

    Programming through Bluetooth would be great too, since most laptops/computer now come with Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Bluetooth Classic has it's own nightmares and the BLE version does not support the Serial Port Profile (SPP).
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Excellent analysis Goeytex! I will try to dig out my usb/ttl adapters and try it again.
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    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    @matchbox I believe most people in this forum are aiming for functional circuits with Picaxe and not just toys/gimmicks. They build circuits that will help them get jobs done. @erco It does seem you are the only one who creates content on youtube for Picaxe at the moment. I use my personal site...
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Yes, Hippy, you are right. You can do a hack-mod version of the cable by using a cheap usb-to-ttl adapter and inverting the signals. Still, I think the adapter/chip should support the break signal, which is not the case for most of the usb-ttl chip. I had partial success when trying this: was...
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    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    Yes, there are thousands of libraries to interface e.g. arduino to various sensors, devices. This is because the arduino community is building, testing, trying and showing the results in forums and videos. We don't do that. We build things mainly for our own usage. We support the community by...
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Probably Bluetooth and WiFi is something that we will never see on a Picaxe chip. You do have IR though, it's almost like it is VLC ((In)Visible Light Communications) ready! But, this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are numerous chips out there to be used as peripherals and to help you...
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    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    Why do you think PicAxe is old hardware? Could it be the lack of USB and/or WiFi/BT hardware on the chip? You can use co-processors for USB, WiFi and BT actually, so I don't really think this is a limitation.
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    Old-School Robot Walker Plans

    That is a great little robot Eric! Thanks for sharing the files.
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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    I believe Picaxe is already a great tool which can be used outside the schools, which is the primary focus of Rev Ed. It has the horse power to do a lot of tasks, still not the ones requiring very fast signals like neopixels or a lot of ram. The support documentation is also great which not only...
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    how to Simulate readadc

    Have you tried right clicking on the Pin and entering the value you want using the dial?
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    What I Did with PICAXE During Lockdown

    Great work Eric!
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    ARM binaries for command line compilers?

    Hello. Given the release of a new RPi product (RPi 400) and it's popularity are you willing to consider porting the command line compilers to RPi platform this time? Relying on a 'hack' that also requires a modded qemu binary doesn't substitute the need for a proper compiler for this platform.
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    Picaxe 8M2

    You will need to use the disconnect command before you can use the Serial In pin in your program. A good place to put it is at the top of your program. A hard reset is a reset that is done by removing and putting back the power to the Picaxe. So, in order to re-program the Picaxe you will need...
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    A Wizard's staff has a knob on the end...

    That is a very nice effect you got there! I really like how the ledflash routine works. Never though of pulsing an LED like that.