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    08M time-of-day pgm /w IR remote

    The attached program(s) is my attempt to generate a time-of-day source from a 08M Picaxe. The program uses a servo pulse on leg 6 as a means of generating a "timer tick". This timer tick occurring every 20 msec generates an interrupt. These interrrupts are counted to form minutes then hours...
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    Test of text msg

    Test of text attachment
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    Using 2 IR receivers into 08M

    I have one IR receiver working good, going into the Infrain pin on a 08M. I am using a remote control unit to send the codes and displaying the received code on the "terminal" function. I would like to use 2 IR receivers mounted back-to-back (1 pointed forward the other pointed...
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    strange results with 08M tune

    Editor software 5.0.0 08M - firmware 9.0 <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> 'not working tune pause 1000 main: tune 0, 8,($40,$40,$40,$42,$42,$42,$44,$44,$44,$45,$45,$45,$47,$47,$47,$49,$49,$49,$8B,$00) pause 2000 tune 1...
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    Runtime error when starting Editor - New install

    I downloaded the latest Editor (full &amp; new user). I installed in on a Win 95 system. The installation completed OK , restarted system, and tried to load the Editor, I get &quot;Runtime error 50003&quot;, &quot;Unexpected error&quot; and the Editor does not load. I tried uninstalling and...