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    M3 or X3 series

    the DAC function with an ESP8266 seems like a perfect marriage.. I'd be happy with an M3 series with more program space, more gosubs, faster clock speed..
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    Get Your Avatars and Feel Alive!

    Or expensive.. one man's bacon.. I like it personally :)
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    Infra Red Signals >>> LED Strip Light

    Evenin' Following on from Tex's poll on what people's recent projects are.. below is the code I used to get a 28X2 to generate IR signals. Originally used Audacity software to record every button press on every remote in the house, plenty of free soundcard oscilloscopes and circuits to google...
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    Sonoff or not to Sonoff????

    Hello, I've set up a raspberry pi with webserver and have a decent enough user interface, controlling lamps (pimote) and music.. i like it.. it's local and therefore free from the cloud, no reason or desire to really want to control a food blender from foreign shores. (Also got the Bluetooth...
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    Bluetooth >>> 08M2 >>> HC-05 | Raspberry Pi >>> HC-06

    I searched the forum but didn't find the info needed to get the HC-05 paired/connected to the HC-06 slave on the raspberry pi.. Below 08M2 code for the HC-05 connected to the picaxe, based on this helpful tutorial - thankfully the bt link seems to be persistent, have cycled power on both...
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    C++ and Serial.cpp

    Hello, been a while but I've been searching/reading. I'm currently on with a c++ evening class. I want to make it relevant to something i already (partly) understand. I want to receive serial data from a picaxe using c++ but the web is devoid of a simple picaxe example. (Ive got the...
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    Access 2007 >>> Picaxe Control

    Hello all I've been looking for a way to control a Picaxe using Access 2007 forms. (because they are quick an easy to create) Think it's half way there now.. anyway as my projects have a tendency to fall foul of never getting completed before the next one starts :mad: thought someone else may...
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    Sounds painful to me

    is it my naivety or does this ebay offering seem an unreasonable way of establishing comms with a Picaxe?
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    Generating non-Sony Infra Red signals

    Hello all Was hoping to get some advice on generating non sirc signals. I've breadboarded IR transmitter and receiver circuits, using Virtins sound card oscilloscope to capture infra red signals from my Daewoo telly remote. Capturing the signals was the easy part, generating them was...
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    Hosting Hippy's IR page? Searched a bit over the weekend, looking for mirrors... Hippy, did you (or a forum member) republish the above site somewhere else? Cheers Slim
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    Picaxe Control

    I’ve just finished adding servos to the pedals of my car, So far so good the industrial type I used are operating well at 12V; they have no serial number but I just want to check the specs to lessen the chances of unexpected jittering. The servo’s now control the brakes and accelerator pedals...
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    DIY PCB >>> Where's Wally?

    I can tell that some people (at least in the physical world) think I should grow up but couldn't resist a game of Where's Wally... also extra points for identifying Italy etc.. will make the rules up as it goes... anyway, attached pdf of my first pcb since school circa 1992. Added as a PDF...
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    DIY PCB >>> Best Practises >>> Clad Board / Ferric Chloride >>> Resist Pen

    DIY PCB >>> Best Practises >>> Clad Board / Ferric Chloride >>> Resist Pen I'm sure there'll be a bazillion ways to skin this cat; but as it's the first PCB I did't want to be just drilling here an there. Used an eight pin IC socket and depressed it into the first...
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    USB >>> Serial Port >>> Test >>> WinXP CMD

    Evenin' all... the below problem is in relation to the PHP >>> Picaxe thread I stated earlier this week. Using the command prompt in WinXP, to send serial data to a Picaxe 18M2 (via USB >>> AXE027.) C:\> mode com11:9600,n,8,1 C:\> echo 49 > com11: Executing the first line above tells me...
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    Anyone used a serial port with PHP?

    Have installed/configured Apache/PHP/MySQL... just playing about with it at the minute, seen (googled) some Ar***** projects using PHP and Realterm to do this... just wondered if anyone had successfully connected to a Picaxe using PHP - (tried searching the forum but obviously "php" as a...