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    PE6 startup

    Why does PE6 load all the recent programs from "File - Recent" in tabs above the workspace? Can this be turned off in the options menu? SG
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    MCP4725 12 bit i2c DAC problem

    Having troubles trying to get the dac to generate an output voltage with the schematic and code as posted. The address code for the MCP4725 is 11000000 from the data sheet Basically just trying to take the adc reading from c.4 write the value to eeprom location 0 generate the analog value...
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    Latching Circuit

    Probably too late but this is the fix if you decide to keep the circuit as is. And change "LOW 4" to "HIGH 4" Cheers,Steve G
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    18M2 serial input as an input, problem?

    As the title of this post suggest I'm having problems configuring the serial input as pinC.4 It basically does not work correctly as a digital input! I have tried the attached code on two different chips with the same problem. Can someone out there test this simple circuit and code to verify? I...
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    08M eeprom allocation problem

    Here's the code for a simple test circuit to demonstrate the problem. Syntax says "49 out of 256 bytes used", OK. I want to store numbers in the remaining eeprom locations starting with #49, OK. If I write line #9 to say ( if b0 = 255 then send ) the circuit will not operate correctly. It only...
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    scanning multiple input pins

    Lets say I have a Picaxe chip with 15 seperate inputs. All input pins will be pulled high through pullup resistors. I want to scan all inputs of course and each input that goes low will "gosub" some routine. I know I can use "if pin0 = 0 then gosub routine" and so on for each input, but is...
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    numeric keypad

    I have programed a numeric keypad to store a two digit number, 00 to 99 . The first digit (units) is stored in B1 and the second digit (tens) is stored in B2. Lets say I press the number "1" and then the number "2". What's the best way to combine these two variables to get the value 12 ? My...
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    24LC256 Datalogger speed

    What is the maximum sample or number of readings a 18X used as a datalogger can write to a 24LC256 eeprom in one second. I'm not talking about the Picaxe 18X Datalogger kit or assembly, but a 18X programed as a custom datalogger. Thanks, S Ghioto
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    10 bit datalogger, write/read

    I want to use the readadc10 values in my datalogger program. How do I write to and read from a 24LC256 using 10 bit data.How can I send this 10 bit data to the PC for storing in a csv file.