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    Assigning a symbol to BPTR

    Can I assign a symbol to a bptr location ? As I am running out of variables I would like to change ( for instance ) Symbol MaxTemp= b24 to MaxTemp = ???? :confused:
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    5 volt picaxe to 3v module

    I am hoping to interface a picaxe 18m2 ( at 5 volts ), to a HMC 5883L module ( at 3.3 volts ), using I2C for communication. Are there any " gotcha's " to look out for, or must both device run off the same voltage. If different supply voltages are OK, should I tie the I2C data and clock lines to...
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    Poking to RAM

    I am using a 18m2 and need to store values in RAM so that I can use the variables again. I would like to find an easier way to do this.. poke $60,b11: poke $61,b12: poke $62,b7: poke $63,b8 note the variables are not sequential. This will need to be done a number of times, each time to...
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    Resetting scratch pad

    i need to reset a number of values that were stored with the write command. Rather than go through a long write n,x sequence I thought the PTR and PTRINC would be the quick answer. I have used BPTR often but not PTR. After many failures I tried this from manual 2 - #picaxe20m2 ptr=1 ' reset...
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    Interrupts - some pointers please.

    I currently read data from a radio link to the 18m2 base. The base uses an RTC for real time display. Due to the blocking nature of serin, displayed time can be wrong, especially if received data is missed from the link. I am hoping to overcome this with an interrupt request. The 18m2 code is...
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    Dumping EEPROM data

    I suspect what I am trying is impossible. I am storing data in 24lc256 chips and want to dump the data via sertxd as the result of a button press. My initial thoughts were going to a dump_it subroutine on button press -> dump_it: #terminal 19200 setfreq m16 serout...
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    Interrupt sequence

    I understand that a return from an interrupt routine sends me back to the main program to the point where the interrupt occurred. I don't want that. I want to go back to the label main: Any ideas? I suspect the word "flag" may well feature in the answer somewhere.
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    Axe 133y

    Is there any problem connecting an axe 133y OLED display to the serial board if the board already has the contrast variable resistor installed? I am swapping out the old LCD for a new OLED. Just wondered if there are any Gotcha's
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    Terminating eeprom read early

    At this point, just proof of concept. I need to read strings of numbers from EEPROM I know where in the eeprom the string starts but will not know how long the string is. I wondered if terminating each string with a dummy character, say @, I could use this to jump out of the read routine...
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    Invalid Serout strings.

    I am attempting to serout a string to a speakjet chip. This program fails syntax. #picaxe18m2 do serout c.1,t2400,("\NO \OW \VV \FAST \EH \MM \EB \FAST \AXRR" ) pause 2000 loop Error message is Error: Unrecognised escaped char 0x4E after \ character. For \ type \\. I suspect is has...
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    Temperature Min / Max logging

    I have a unit that records minimum and maximum temperatures measured over a period since "last reset" The setup is :- 18m2 picaxe, LCD on pin b.3, DS18B20 sensor on pin b.7, reset button on pin c.0 All works well until the temperature goes below zero. Here is the code. '18m2 Min/Max with...
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    Assistance with Wireless Remote Control.

    Then I must be missing something important.
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    Scaling eeprom index

    I am trying to create an ordinal display. I have no problem producing the digits 1 to 9 Eeprom data holds Jan to Dec and Mon to Sun and these are read and displayed correctly, and the ordinal held in data 60, ("stndrdth") The decimal number ( 1-9 ) is held in variable b16 copied to b17 Attempts...
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    Code failure

    I am attempting to run this code. 'Station Base developement ' 'Vers 1 @ 10/10/12 #picaxe20m2 '#No_Data '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' init: symbol LCD=b.6 symbol ANT=b.1 symbol ASK=b.2 'Conn to RX port symbol ANS=b.3 'Conn to TX...
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    Interrupt concept

    I want to select either of two display routines to feed a common display. I thought that using a button to toggle a "flag", and using that "flag" value to select which routine to use would be the route to go. However, I dont want to have to hold the button down whilst the whole program loops so...