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    Double slip switch (Model train)

    Thank you, Oracacle. Sorry it took so long to respond. I'm working on the different combinations, (switches vs signals). I'll post with an update soon. Terry
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    Double slip switch (Model train)

    Thank you Bill. The fade works each way. Now I need to know know how to figure the different multiple outputs. Thank you, Terry
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    Double slip switch (Model train)

    Hello again, All! My new project is a double slip switch on a garden railroad. I have decided to use the Axe020 board on this project. I have 8 inputs, 2 from each switch machine, either/or. One position is straight (green) the other position is divergent (red). I figure I have 32 output...
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    Hi all. I'm nearing the completion of my project. I desperatly need help with a bargraph. I found a code for basic Stamp by Scott Edwards, that I'm trying to convert to Picaxe. The simulator is showing a syntax error on line 64. Can someone help clarify? I am trying to display an ADC input so...
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    Current sensing

    Hi all. I'm working on a project that is 90% complete. It's the last 10% that's giving me grey hair. I'll try and lay this project out first then ask the questions I need help with. Project: Sequential battery charger. I've got a 6vdc / 12vdc with charge and float. Charge is connected to...
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    Ammeter with Maxim 4172

    Hi all. I'm working on an ammeter using Maxim's High side current monitor. It seems to be a really slick chip. I've managed to calibrate the output with reference to a quaility ammeter.The readings I get are: 1.804vdc out with respect to .1804 Amps. The chip's power comes from the same power as...
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    Lcd displying numbers

    Hi all. I'm sort of new to the programming game. Boy what a learning curve. I understand ladder logic better than basic. Anyway, I've got an idea to turn on 12 jfets, in order from 1 to 12. using a picaxe28X2 and out putting the jfet number to a 20x4 serial lcd. Using the simulator, I've got the...