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    IF Statement

    Hi, in the following statement if location does not=27 the code continues from the serout point, the only way I can get it to run as expected is to change it to the code listed beneath. I know its probably me but I was just after an explanation as to why. Rich if location=27 then gosub homeLCD...
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    BootI2C Slot?

    A quick question, when you use boot i2c to update slot0 does the command have to run from slot0? I have updated for a long time now slots 1,2,3 no problem with the booti2c updates zone running in slot3 but i have just tried to update slot0 the same way and it fails. I programed a blank chip to...
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    Syntax Error for a symbol

    Hi the following code comes up with a syntax error, but when I replace sensor1 for d.6 it compiles. Any ideas or is this an editor problem? Thanks Rich #picaxe 40x2 Symbol Sensor2=d.7 Symbol Sensor1=d.6 main: readadc10 Sensor1, b1 goto main ERROR MESSAGE readadc10 Sensor1, b1 ^...
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    APA102 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver

    Has anybody had experience with the APA102 RGB 5050 LED or know if the Picaxe has the power to drive such a device, according to the following website they use generic 2-wire SPI (well the website actually says genertic) Rich...
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    Serin T38400_32 14M2

    Hi, I have just been playing with a 14m2 and have a quick question. is there any reason the below code works fine in example A but not example B. I have also ran the same tests on a 28x2 and all is good at both these baud rates, the serial data is coming from a PC. A: serin [800,main]...
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    Booti2c Example

    Hi, I have just started to play with Booti2c on a 28x2, looking at the example in the manual and the basic commands above it states booti2c 1 to update from eeprom. is this an error as I can only get it to work by using booti2c 4 to update slot0 for my particular project and not booti2c 0, also...
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    Digole 128x64 Graphic LCD Driver

    Hi g6ejd, I tried the suggested code and it looks like it starts but then stops and I have no idea why, have you ever changed the background on yours? this is what is happening. Rich SerOut c.7,t9600_64,("SSS",0x00,0x04) For w0 = 0 to 1023 SerOut c.7,t9600_64,(0xdf) Next end
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    Digole 128x64 Graphic LCD Driver

    Hi, I have a Digole graphics LCD driver and I am driving it using its serial input and it works great, I just want to change the start up screen. I have used the software that they provide on the website to convert the image but I do not understand the manual. I have the data I want to send in...
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    Communications with confirmation

    Hi Guys, I was just after some pointers with regards to communications over a serial link and wondered if the following would be suffice for a wired or wireless setup? the main code has yet to be written I am more interested in the data link first any advice on improving things is much...
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    Want to measure a solar panels voltage using an ADC input

    Hi, I want to measure a solar panels output using an ADC input but before I begin just wanted to know if this is a potential divider issue or does somebody know of a better method. I will use a 14m2 and a panel capable of outputting 6v at 250ma, the Picaxe will be 3.3v regulated from a separate...
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    Display Time From Serial In And Output Correctly

    Hi, please could you help me with the following problem, I am trying to output time and date received in two separate variables into single variables and then sertxd out the result. the following code works but I need it to show the zeros before time and date where needed, I am sure its...
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    Kenwood Stereo Remote Interface

    Hi, I have a Kenwood double din stereo in my car, I also have a stalk control adaptor that converts the steering wheel buttons from IBUS to a pulse out, this means I can control the Kenwood from the steering wheel no problem. What I now want to do is use a Picaxe to count the pulses from the...
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    Auto Baud for serin on a Picaxe?

    I have no idea where to start on this but i could really use an auto-baud function on my 14m2, i have three different RFID modules and each one is fixed at a different baud rate 4800,9600,19200. Would it be possible for a PICAXE to detect and change the serin baud rate using only software and...
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    open sound control touchosc iphone

    Hi i was just after some advice with regards to the osc protocol and its compatibility with a picaxe. I have read up on the protocol and from what I can make of it the touchosc app pumps out float32. So my question is do I need a maths coprocessor to read this data stream into a picaxe. I can...
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    EA DIP204-4 20x4 LCD Using the KS0073 chip

    Here is some code that may help one of you out one day if using the small 20x4 EA DIP204-4 LCD. I decided to use this LCD as it is far smaller than the other 20x4 displays available and so can make your designs look far more appealing. i stumbled across a few problems when first initialising...