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    Battery life

    Using an 08 and running a program to flash 3 LEDs (about 10 MA load) every 20 seconds or so for just 10 milli secs how long is my 3 cell alkaline battery pack going to last? My back of the envelope calc seem to suggests a lot longer than the supposed shelf life of the battery. start: high 2...
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    Sign of the times

    From the "huffington Post" "...Just last year, while researching a book on America's digital illiteracy, I met with the Air Force General then in charge of America's cybercommand. He said he had plenty of new recruits ready and able to operate drones or other virtual fighting machines - but...
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    Just to make sure

    I have purchased a 28x2 chip and have a very ancient picaxe 28 project board circa ad 2002 with 2803 and 293D on board. As far as I can tell the 28 and the 28x2 chip will be pin compatible and I can just plug the new chip into the old board. Confirmation anyone?
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    AA Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

    I see on the interweb that these AA Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), are becoming available. With a rated voltage on these is 3.2 V. they look very suitable for driving Picaxe ccts Does anyone have any experience with these batteries?
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    DIY OLEDs This University of Wisconsin-Madison has produced a how to do it of making OLEDs. Is this a route to that 42 inch OLED TV her indoors won't let me have. :)
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    I read Makzine blog Instructables , Some of which I even find interesting and informative. It is visible that there is an effort being made to (re) educate at least the interested part of the world in technical...
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    Basic back in favour

    Basics biggest critic changes his mind. (at last)
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    Simple pressure sensor

    Instructable seem like it would work.
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    Making Dippy's life easier

    If you haven't seen this already - How to make your answering questions easier
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    Transistor tester This translated German site shows the build details for a ATMega8/ATMega48 based automatic transistor tester. They detail the test procedure and IMHO it looks very piaxable - Nice addition to the tool box...
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    I have come into the possession of one of these "old" sound effect chips - It looks from the data sheet as if it will be picaxe drivable has anyone done this? Do I need a separate clock for the 8910?
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    :) :) :) :) Retired AT LAST!!!!!
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    PIC speech Could this be picaxed? Anyone dare to try :)
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    Minute picaxe controlled robot Instructable tells all.
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    sound effects chips from time gone by

    Whilst browsing around I came on thei site still selling many of the 1980's sound effect chips. Seemed like an interesting picaxe interface project. prices fairly low as well although USA based. this link picks up the Texas SP0250...