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    Robotics Author Gordon McComb Passed Away

    Sorry to hear this. I still have my copy of "Robot Builder's Bonanza" bought at the a local book store.
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    Has anyone had experience of this CNC engraver/drill/mill

    Do your parts look like this? I'm just afraid I'll run out before I go.:) I've added homing to my machine on the X and Y axis. It's a little more elaborate than a simple switch though. The schematic is at the 5:18 mark in the video. The Arduino...
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    Building/transmitting NEC IR

    Hello lewisg, I worked on some code a while back to produce IR control signals for different devices. It runs on a 14M2 using the hardware PWM and DSM for the output to the led. It can output up to 64 on/off pairings with a minimum pulse width of approximately .000266 seconds. The method I used...
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    Using PWMOUT @ 20MHz

    Here's an interesting "feature" of the pic PWM module. If you use 255 for the period , it's not possible to get 100% duty cycle. It would require a value of (255 +1) * 4 or 1024 be put into the 10 bits of the duty cycle but 1024 requires 11 bits. Unless the firmware checks for this value...
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    A TF2 Mini Sentry

    Or coding instead of sleeping :) You can try this program on your hardware. It does most of the actions you wanted. I'm not sure the outputs from your receiver are getting to the inputs of the Picaxe. If the inputs are staying at all zeros, this program should fall into it's idle mode and start...
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    Talking Guess the Number game

    I've been working on playing audio stored on a Winbond W25Q80 flash memory chip. The results have been pretty good so I wrote a simple and silly guess the number game to demonstrate it. Here's a youtube clip. The chip has one meg or 1048576 bytes of memory and can...
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    PWM music

    Here is a zip file containing the picaxe and programs for programming a 24lc256 or 24lc512 eeprom. I have only tested it with a 24lc256. I think the exe files will run without installing anything if you have your dotnet framework up to date but I'm not sure about that. The Seeprom1.exe...
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    PWM music

    I worked some more on getting the playback speed up by switching to a 24fc256 eeprom with a one megahertz clock. Then I took Alans advice and did a two byte read sandwiched in between two pokesfr commands. Both changes made significant improvements in speed. The playback rate is now...
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    PWM music

    I was curious to hear what edmunds 'hello' file sounded like,so I used his program in post 17 to generate a basic program. The program runs on a 20X2 and requires no external eeprom. The data is stored in inline pokesfr commands generated by sertxd commands. It uses 3932 of the 4096 available...
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    PWM music

    Several years ago I used a 12f683 to play 8 bit wave files from a 24lc256 eeprom, so I thought I would give it a try on the Picaxe. I used a 20X2 running at 64Mhz to read a sound sampled at 3600 Hz. The pwm freq for the output is around 15KHz. It was chosen so the duty cycle would have a 10 bit...
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    I2C LCD Display

    Thanks Alan for trying the code. My display doesn't have a back-light so I didn't notice the InitLcd routine was overwriting the BL bit. I worked on the program some more today. I removed some unnecessary delays and changed some others so it would work up to 32 MHz. I also changed the pulse...
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    I2C LCD Display

    Hello Steve2381, I don't have your exact display but I've used the 8574 IO expander chip to drive an lcd. Working from the info on this page I have some test code you can try. If your display is wired like this one the code should work but not...
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    Light house simulation

    Welcome 69-cat, I been working on a lighthouse simulator also. Here's a video of my latest version. It uses an 08M2 and 6 white leds. The leds are wired in opposing pairs. PWM and Charlieplexing are used to ramp down one led while the led next to it is ramping up...
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    Lcd rtty tuning aid

    You appear to have 56 entries in your lookup table but only loop through 48 times. I don't think that's your problem though. I tried your redefined characters in this LCD simulator and it looks like you redefined them right. I'm not sure why bit 5 of the new characters is always set, but I...
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    Digispark LCD W Picaxe?

    Black boxes are a start. I looked at the arduino program referred to in this tutorial . This lcd backpack has a PCF8574 i2c i/o expander . It will require a lot of programming commands to display anything with it . Here is a...