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    Interfacing a Digital Caliper Data Plug

    Yet another Arduino thread
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    Solar panels for battery backup with trickle charge

    Keep in mind that most of these "high efficiency" solar panels are actually about 20% efficient and will never produce in real life their advertised hype. All their math is based on lab conditions .. not the real world. You might get 3-4 amps @ 12Vdc from the 200 watt panels and their poor...
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    Solar panels for battery backup with trickle charge

    You may wish to do some more math and I believe you fill find that that 100 Ah battery probably won't even start your freezer much less run all that stuff. The locked rotor current on the pump motor probably won't get what it needs to start. I had 1200 Ah batter bank at our cabin and it would...
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    Question about Pin and which Leg it is

    I need to use the ReadTemp with an 8M chip. I have it connected to In-3 which is Leg 4. The manual says for an 8M the command is not available on Pin 3 ... very confusing to me. So - which is the Pin we are talking about? Thanks
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    Easiest way to have Picaxe wait 3-5 minutes before taking another sample?

    Using an 8M I will be using it like a intervalometer and only need to read the temperature every 3-5 minutes. Is there a simple way other that a pause in a loop?
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    Will this actually work?

    We actually seriously considered that option using a night light! I have revised it and this is the new schematic ... hope nothing is wrong with it. May need a series R in the Picaxe output? BTW - I just sold my home in Port Charlotte and moved into my new built home here 2 months ago...
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    Will this actually work?

    I have corrected the schematic and added the relay, removed the FET and display. Revised code at end Thanks for the help ... I needed it!! I have a new Carrier Infinity 5 stage heat pump system - best there is. Turns out in their wisdom they will not let the AC function below stage 2 if it...
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    Help with small PCB for miniature projects

    I build scale model wooden sailing ships from kits out of Italy and use fiber optic cable for all sorts of lighting. The Picaxe and one LED can run a lot of miniature "look-like-lights". I use a cable but you can buy a very inexpensive lamp in a novelty store that will have plenty of lines and...
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    Surface Mount tightfist calling...

    I would not get too confused and try to over-think it or make it a big deal. It is VETY simple and works perfectly. I made about 50 of these ... even did them on both sides - 28x1 Picaxe and a Max 7219 on the back. I used the solder paste and laid the entire top out then set the over to 400°...
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    Where to purchase 14M2 surface mount parts in USA?

    Who is current distributor? Rev-ed wants 8x the shipping for 10 pieces vs. 1 piece ... about 1/4 ounce! Thanks
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    Real or fake?

    The real deal ... sample from Maxim ...
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    DS18B20 ... a way to shift the range higher or offset?

    I would like to make a temperature controller with a Picaxe and a DS18B20. However, I need the range to cover a little higher temperature .... up to +325°F. I will actually operate at ~ 100°F to 325°F The data sheet shows a range of (-67°F to +257°F) for the DS18B20. Is there a way to...
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    Am I beyond help, countdown display

    This does exactly what you want and can be bought for under $8. Fully adjustable and can be reset to start over.
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    Format question for technical

    This is OT but you may have the answer I need. I have an older forum using the Snitz format. I need to convert it to something modern and I can not afford to lose my archives. Is there a newer forum such as this one or a conversion SW to bring the older formatted archives into a new forum...
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    Wiring assistance needed for 40x2, MAX7219, 4-digit 7-seg leds, and an alphanumeric

    Most of them are set up such that you flip one upside down and put the DP on the top ... they are clever parts.