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    Using Ohmmeter in simulation

    I've been trying to use the 4 wire Ohmmeter virtual instrument but it keeps crashing with these error messages: - Selector property state in MAP table is not defined - Parameter scale not defined in scale of VP1 - Simulation failed due to linker error I have read in another post the the...
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    Understanding max min

    Hi, how come the value is not limited to a minimum of 0, the min command is ignored and value is 255 with the code below: b0=5 b1= 4 min 0 - b0 I tried variations, either 255 or syntax error thanks
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    Max7219 avec 08m2

    Salut, j'etudie justement le max7291. Ouf il est $16 (canadien) sur Digikey mais Ebay a des fakes 10 fois moins cher mais faut trouver un bon vendeur... Je travaille un projet de Potentiometre numerique avec DAC 8 et 10 bits sur un 08M2 avec un rotary encoder. Je veux utiliser le decodeur BCD...
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    Using rotary encoder with interrupt

    Ok thanks! I have made a small code that flip flop the setint command for high and low. I will post it here after doing some tests but it works as a one shot that resets when interrupt pulse turns low with no interrupt looping. Now since i want to do a digital pot using the rotary encoder on a...
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    Using rotary encoder with interrupt

    Hi, i have been testing interrupt and it works pretty good and fast but i have some programming issues so far with the looping of interrupts. First i will decode the rotary encoder with a D flip flop which will give 2 signals; an up-down bit and a pulse for each mechanical rotations of the...
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    rotary encoder model

    Hi, i did not find a quadrature rotary encoder model in VSM besides a 4 pole rotary switch. Did i miss it? It seems pretty important for a component, anybody has a solution for simulation. I would like to do a programmable digital pot controller. Thanks.
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    illegal use of #define in VSM but ok in EDITOR?

    Hello, i have been using #define to give practical names to many of the BIT variables of B0 that i use in my program like ON or OFF switches. For example of how i use #define: ----------------------------- #define REPEAT bit7 #define NO 0 #define YES 1 main...
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    Understanding Picaxe Memory map Ver9a.pdf

    Hello, i have a bit of difficulty understanding the mega memory map document '' Variable Map Ver9a.pdf '' for the RAM section with SFR. The info does not pop out clearly. I have used bptr, poke, peek and understand these commands. Normally i experiment and research a lot before asking help but...
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    VSM jumpy behavior + step mode jumpy highlight line pointer?

    I just bought VSM and have been trying my first simulation and so far i need a Tylenol extra headache patch to my forehead. I wrote a program for 08m2 to control a two line lcd1602 display so i can understand how these nice displays work. I assume that my program works fine since the Picaxe...
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    Can Picaxe vsm be installed on 2 computers with the same license?

    Hello everyone I work on on my desktop in my lab but also with my laptop. I will buy Picaxe Vsm but before i install the license, is it going to be limited to the first pc i install? Can i use it on both pc's without buying 2 licences? I could not find info elsewhere regarding the license...
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    Picaxe hiccup

    Hi group This is my first post. I have been programming Picaxe for 2 months now and experimenting with RGB bleeder effect to learn commands. When i close my desktop neon lamp to better see the rgb LED, the picaxe jumps in the sequence of colors like it was disrupted. Both are connected to the...