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    Thanks for all the wonderful information and for sharing your projects. I love Picaxe products and have enjoyed a decade or two of using them, however my health has deteriorated in the last month. I have stopped all electronics entirely expecting to power down soon. Keep up the wonderful forum...
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    Any new chips? More RAM? Faster Clock?

    Are you using SMD parts already? if not time to look into them... :)
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    Beer Brewing Thermometer

    Welcome to this forum... looking good!
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    Water detect wire

    @tmfkam Would be interesting to see how that works on 4 inch plastic drain with various water levels & plates... @erco I have one of those on floor near my 10 yr warranty water heater now 30 yrs in service... ;-0
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    Water detect wire

    There are some small stainless float switches with magnet enclosed that could work for you - see attached pic from an Ebay listing
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    Water detect wire

    Depending on the physical situation often a pressure transducer works well...
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    zmpt101b Module

    @1968neil FWIW Analog Devices has a line of RMS to DC converter ICs - If you really need RMS values fairly fast... another slower approach is to look at heating capability of the AC waveform and relate that to more easily measured DC heating...
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    zmpt101b Module

    That module appears to be mainly an isolation unit - why do you need to use it? Perhaps be more informative on what voltages you want to measure and the accuracy needed...
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    Code to control output On and Off pulse times with pots

    You might post this new and also specify HOW FAST pins need to change - given some milliseconds; " B6 must go low and B5 must go high, which will make B2 high " Item1: low b6 high b5 high b2 RETURN Term 'must' not well defined... ;-0 Please post some of your code...
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    A Wizard's staff has a knob on the end...

    Well done ;-0 If you want to try color changes an APA102 works well with the 08M2
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    Bon à savoir Picaxe et interférences du 230V

    @cracboum please give number & manufacturer of opto-triac that failed - thanks for the information.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    I learned a bunch from hippy even before he was official on this forum... Hope hippy is doing well and will some day stop by and say hello for old times sake even if for nothing else... hippy - thanks for all your good thoughts and knowledge and thanks also to present posters for keeping the...
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    Borehole well water level sensing

    Looks like you have your problem solved... I am still wondering about the 630Hz - seems to me it is likely an artifact of the measuring system rather than the well geometry... if you point your device at a wall 100 feet away or such does the 630Hz still appear? Just trying to reconcile my...
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    Borehole well water level sensing

    Not clear what 630Hz has to do with what you want to measure - Just a DC hit to the speaker should produce a good echo. Simple rectifier and RC short time constant filter on microphone end could work ok. - you can use the speaker as a receiver with appropriate amp. Maybe the 630 Hz is a small...
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    Borehole well water level sensing

    Willie - despite what Jeremy says it looks from your oscillograph traces you could come close enough for some practical use... some analog or DSP processing of the signal could help or just a peak capture circuit for first echo... Suggest trying different rapping than speaker to see what that...