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    PV Powered DC Pump Controller

    Thanks... I'm thinking of a drain back system which would allow fluid flow through pump when it is OFF and establish siphon when on.
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    PV Powered DC Pump Controller

    @mike thanks for the refs - I am impressed with the lack of data with regard to electrical inputs on small pumps - mostly just flow, head, temperature max. However a great variety of old style circulation models available at low price... empirical it is!
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    PV Powered DC Pump Controller

    Hi Mike, I'm curious about what pump you are using.. and thinking about the reliable start under low sun conditions... perhaps using current amplifier [switching down converter for soft start]. I have some salvaged thermal panels in my yard that I am thinking of running for DHW preheat... thanks...
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    PV Powered DC Pump Controller

    or time for a modest size ultracapacitor - I have zone valves that have worked for a decade which use ultracaps to shut when power is removed [Taco ESP] - I think they make higher voltage stacks now... or lithium battery string with BMS - I guess it could depend on how important starting in...
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    28x2 MPPT Success, 50v 35amp ,2.1Kw Panels

    @PiCaxeDB - very good project! Lots of hot water for sure... can you dump excess power into local grid? BTW one thing to check is rating of thermostatic switches for DC - AC ratings must be derated about 8x for DC to prevent arcing failures - I haven't heard of 48v heater elements so perhaps the...
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    Why can't I "make" a 3 pole 4 throw switch in basic

    "As a last resort, read the manual." - and hope that it is correct and complete and that you have time to make something after reading the whole thing... ;-0 [and make sure it is the latest version and you know what your chip version is... ]
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    Using a single cell LIPO to power an 8M2 or 14M2

    Look in Ebay for "USB Power Bank Case 18650 Battery Charger DIY Kit" - there are many varieties... usually holding one or 2 18650 cells; the key is that they are Do It Yourself "battery bank" units... have fun... If you want just the protection circuits rather than up converter part they are...
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    Picaxe Oscilloscope & Picaxe 28X2
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    BMP180 Code Examples

    Does this code work on BMP280 as well as BMP180? [BMP280 seems to have a bit better spec... ]
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    SPI ILI9341 LCD Display

    We all have our favorite platforms to do what we want to do - I still use mechanical switches and wires and discrete components as well as integrated wonders... note that dinosaurs lasted over 150 million years and we have been around about 1 million years... perhaps a better term could be used...
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    TOF10120 Laser Range Sensor Module

    We need programming esperanto! I guess it is just lucky that even more languages have not appeared...
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    A timing question

    Looks like we had the same basic idea for constant current to LED - I just used an op amp loop to control current from voltage set from a DAC that was PICAXE controlled [the DAC latches in and holds the digital] - the feedback being analog rather than back processed through the PICAXE AD...
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    A timing question

    FWIW note that LED brightness is better controlled with current rather than voltage.... an op amp and MOSFET converted a DAC to current output [I used 2 LM324s and 8 2N7000 in 8 channel DAC conversion units I made - serial from 08M2 to DAC].
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    Thoughts on adding additional I/O

    @Mark.R you can add varying an analog input to indicate various states to the list - IF you can stand the extra time to "see" and process an analog pin state. An example is reading a 12 button matrix with one pin. There are caveats... ;-0
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    Setting multiple BITS more efficiently

    Hi - what are the numbers of bits in b1?? ;-0 Clue... B0 is bit0 to bit7 ,,, b1 is bit8 to... From manual 2 In addition there are up to 32 individual bit variables (bit0, bit1 etc..). These bit variables can be used where you just require a single bit (0 or 1) storage capability. Bit variables...