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    Development board that plugs directly into USB port

    Is there any Picaxe board like this ATTiny85 board - that can plug directly into a USB port with no cable: Looks like a good idea. It would obviously need the USB to Serial components, which may defeat the purpose I guess.
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    Bluetooth Module AT Commands Setup

    Not sure if this has been posted before. This is how to do the initial setup of one of those cheap bluetooth modules from a Picaxe (18M2+) using AT commands. It is necessary if you want to change the defaults, which is often highly desirable. eg. the Picaxe struggles to handle any significant...
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    Clock speed impact on TIME

    The manual says the following under DISABLETIME and ENABLETIME Effect of increased clock speed: The time function will work correctly at 4MHz or 16 MHz. At 2MHz or 8MHz the interval will be 2s At 16MHz the interval will be 0.5s It first says it works correctly at 16MHz then says the interval...
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    Display bptr in Debug

    Would it be possible to get the Debug output changed to also display the bptr variable please? Also could the manual be amended to describe it in a bit more detail, including that it is a word variable on specified (all?) parts and what happens when one attempts to use it to write beyond the...
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    Serin and #

    PS. How do I get the sample program above to be scrollable in a separate window like I see in other posts please? Here is the screenshot mentioned above.
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    First Debug not working

    Why does this program produce no output in the debug window? In fact I can never seem to get the first debug statement in a program to work. (Picaxe 18m2+) b0 = 1 debug
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    Serin and #

    I am using Serin and # successfully in several programs (written 6 years ago). Just trying to use them again and cannot seem to get it to work. I am sending a file from a PC with Tera Term (via USB TTL link) then reading with SERIN on the Picaxe. The file starts like this and is in ASCII...
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    Bluetooth Module Issues

    I am in the process of converting a circuit from using a 433.92MHz radio receiver to using Bluetooth. I bought one of those cheap modules ( I have managed to get it working and receiving data from a PC that is running Tera...
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    Picaxe 18M2+ Power Surge Problem

    Yes, I do have a 104 on the 7805 output. As luck would have it I just happen to have included a "spare gnd" hole on the input just beside the 1000uF cap, so I just have to drill one hole and I can add the 104 decoupling cap to the 7805 input. The 104 on the Pic V+ is not directly across the...
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    Picaxe 18M2+ Power Surge Problem

    I have a Picaxe circuit with an EM406a GPS attached to it. I have had about 50 of the circuits using Picaxe 18x's running perfectly for the past 3 years. They power up the GPS once an hour, take a reading, update a DS1307, then power the GPS down again. I have to build some more of them but...
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    Picaxe 18M2+ Available Memory

    Thanks for the assistance. Some day, somewhere, some child in NSW is going to owe his or her life to the humble little Picaxe with its 28 bytes of RAM variables. :-)
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    Picaxe 18M2+ Available Memory

    Is there any manual that gives a comprehensive description of the memory in the 18M2+ please? I want to know how much of each there is, what overlaps what, plus the life expectancy (write cycles) of each type. Manual 1 page 52 describes the different types of memory, but it says for example...
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    Keypad and LCD Screen to Transmit Data

    In this posting in 2009 I asked about a simpler method of building a Pixaxe project with keypad/screen (to transmit data to a remote Picaxe): Just re-visiting the application again...
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    EEPROM command for storing Word data

    Is there any way to use the EEPROM statement to store word data rather than having to manually convert each byte to hex and back etc? Like the WORD option in Read and Write?
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    Debug Variable Names

    Is there any way of making the Debug window show the variable numbers (b0, b1, b2...) like it used to, instead of variable names. I am on V5.5.5. The previous version showed the numbers. In my current program I use all variables numerous times under various different names. The debug window...