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    Cube Led RGB 4x4x4 - picaxe 28x2

    Hello! This is my cube led rgb 4x4x4 with picaxe 28x2. It is made of 64 rgb leds (common cathode), that are driven by a cascade of six 74hc595n shift registers (2 for red, 2 for green, 2 for blue). On each plane can be adjusted the luminous intensity by changing the pwm signal via command...
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    Rocker-Bogie Rover , 6 wheels , picaxe 28x2, 08m2 and 08m

    Hello! This is Rocker-Bogie Rover, a radio frequency controlled robot, that i made with the famous Rocker-bogie suspension system developed by JPL NASA for exploration rovers (like sojourner). The main board is based on a picaxe 28x2 and a 08m2. The main program runs into picaxe 28x2, and it...
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    picaxe 28x2 and 4 pwmout, pwmout command issue?

    Hello! I'm using a picaxe 28x2 with B.3 firmware and the 5.5.1 compiler version for windows. I'm using 4 pwmout commands to control the speed of 4 motors. Each channel is connected to an l293d driver. Every channel of pwm have the same period and different duty cycles. After have initialized...
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    readadc problems on 08M

    hi, i have 2 joystick like these: and i have connected them to my picaxe 08M and used the commands readadc and debug for testing them. i'm using only one of the two potentiometers available for each joystick. the code is...
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    picaxe18x and pcf8574AP i2c problems

    Hi!, I'm trying to connect my picaxe18x to the pcf8574AP i/o expander, via i2c. In the pcf5874AP every I/O pin is connected to a led. The picaxe cod is this: begin: pause 500 i2cslave %01111110, i2cslow, i2cbyte pause 500 main: writei2c (%10101010) pause 2000 writei2c (%01010101) pause 2000...
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    key-arrow ascii

    i want to know what are the key-arrows ascii value?