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    flashing led

    thanks the above is a home run!!!!!
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    flashing led

    greetings I have a model railroad layout with a harbor. I want to insert a red led onto a lighthouse and have it dim on and off. what chip should i use and can someone give me the code to do this project. thanks paul f
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    14 m chip coding

    I am new to this, be kind of my lack of knowledge.. I have been using 14 m2 chips. I picked up some 14 m chips cheap. I noticed the pin outs are different. Is the way I both code and wire a toggle switch to pin 1c the. Same for both chips? Thanks for the input
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    question about soldering chip holders

    I an using the latest m14 chip for my project. I wrote the code, it is perfect. Wired the project on a breadboard..chip works perfectly. Wire the project on a project board ( I am using chip holders with cyclendrical fingers and one with clip type fingers. Both bought on eBay) plug in the chip...
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    Quick question about capacitors

    I have some 330 uf and 220 uf caps i want to use as decoupling caps. One of the legs on the cap is longer than the other. Does this mean that one leg is positive and the other negative? Or does it not matter?
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    question with a 14m2

    here is my code. I have tried to do the [code] thing but can't get to work main: do do : loop until pinc.1 = 0 ' loop until the pin goes low pinc.1 = 1 'pin b.1 goes low via push button switch 1 toggle b.3 'energizes a led1 pause 75 ' led is 0n for 75ms toggle b.3...
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    servo motor question

    I designed a very simple circuit using 2 5v relays and 2 push button switches to drive a servo forward and reverse. I set it up on a breadboard and use 2 leds to simulate the servo. It works perfectly. I plug in the servo where the leds were wired. test it out and nadda...unplug the servo and...
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    toying with an idea and would like some input

    I am a model railroader in n scale. In n scale 33 ft is one scale mile. I want to determine how fast a train is going. My idea is to put a photo resistor under the track and 33 ft away a second photo resistor. When the train passes over the first sensor, it would start a clock and when it...
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    I am new to this need advice

    I feel like a 9th grader asking a Dr. of math how to slove 2x+1=5. I replaced the "goto" command with the "gosub". ran the simulation and got a stack overflow - more gosubs than returns I did not get that with the goto commands. not sure why. i will post full code with no explanation and...
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    I am new to this need advice

    runs really good. the next problem to overcome is g3tting the program to reset to main when done with tracks 2 and 3. home resets track 1 to tr 1. can't figure how to tie in that rutine. see attached for latest improvements
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    I am new to this need advice

    Here is what I am trying to do. I want to use picaxe to do many different types of tasks on my railroad. I am having issues with this one. A track comes to a turnout. I want to toggle a momentary up to change from track one to two. Here is the sequence: LED 1 GOES TO RED I PULSE A RELAY OF...