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    AXE 213 queries

    Hello again guys I have some queries regarding the transmission of my code. I have my weather station now working and have tested all the results and they look good. I am now thinking about having the OLED screen inside as this will be more practical. I have the AXE 213 Radio board and the...
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    Anemometer Trouble

    I am having trouble with my anemometer not providing values. It is a cheap Maplin product which I have seen lots of posts about, but none are solving my problem. The anemometer provides one click per 1.492mph over 1 second. The anemometer itself pulses from 4.08V to 0V, on a 4.5v source, which...
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    AXE134Y program issues

    Hi, I am fairly new to PICAXE programming and Im having an issue with a piece of code. I have bought the AXE134Y OLED display as I plan to use it in a project. This issue I am having is with the test command below. It comes up with a syntax error, which is also below. Command init: pause 500...
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    Windows 10 AXE027 PICAXE USB installation

    I am having trouble downloading the driver software for my device, When I get to step 3 on the instructions, the part where I need to update the driver, it comes up with the message "Windows could not find driver software for your device". I have tried this this using the self extracting...