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    Making an SPI VFD work with PICAXE

    Nice to see this thread again after more than 8 years! Some handy info there, thanks for that. In my case, the failed zener diode was causing the problem, and I've since heard that zener failure is a fairly common problem (can't remember where though).
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    Problem with i2c 1602 display

    Link to the module: The I2C protocol is documented here: The protocol is rather different to the Rev-Ed AXE033 - and to the generic I2C...
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    New stuff

    I still like to use PICAXE occasionally for simple projects that do not need much processing power or speed. It's hard to come up with sensible suggestions when I've moved onto "professional" things that are in a completely different market to PICAXE like ATmegas and FPGAs, as obviously I'd...
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    Converting AXE033 LCD to AXE133?

    Yep, you can use the LCD from the AXE033 with the AXE133 PCB. My previous thread concerned the pinout of the IC on the AXE033 PCB. You cannot use this IC on the AXE133, nor can you use the 18M2 with the AXE133 firmware on the AXE033. The LCD modules with the 16-pin connector are identical.
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    PICAXE .NET Server Security in 2019

    Thanks for your contributons all. Your project sounds similar to mine, Hemi345. Looks like putting the Net Server online isn't a good idea even if it will only have one user, if only for performance reasons. Making a simple project has revealed other caveats, such as sharing the PICAXE...
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    PICAXE .NET Server Security in 2019

    I have an idea for a very simple IoT-based project, and I'm thinking the PICAXE .NET Server would be a good fit for it since I have a few lying around. How secure is it nowadays? I'm thinking it's secure despite its anchientness because it doesn't really run much (none of that newfangled Linux...
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    Extra PICAXE Wizards

    Glad you like it! That is the latest version. I just haven't been able to think of any new features to add to it (no new PICAXEs with new commands), and it hasn't been broken by Windows updates or anything like that, so there has been no need to update it.
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    High-resolution HD44780-compatible LCDs: introducing the ST7920

    It's not quite that simple. A few extra external components need to be added for 3.3V operation (detailed on page 36 of your datasheet), and the principle of that is similar to this method of modifying HD44780-compatible LCDs for 3.3V operation except without the need for an extra IC. Your...
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    High-resolution HD44780-compatible LCDs: introducing the ST7920

    Character LCDs are a very popular and low-cost addition to an electronics project. The HD44780 interface is the de-facto character LCD interface for these types of displays, which makes finding code examples easy as well as switching between different display sizes and manufacturers...
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    PICAXE Forum Maintenance/Upgrade

    A bit of a shame, as I have some old blog entries which use tables and cannot be edited now they're archived.
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    PICAXE Forum Maintenance/Upgrade

    It seems the new forum software doesn't have tables... Item 1Item 2 They were good for posting pinouts, amongst other things.
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    Small 8x2 serial OLED - late Xmas present?

    Looks good, that expansion header is always useful. Will it be bundled with the larger OLEDs too? Now is this a solder spike I see?
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    difficulties connecting axe132 to displaytech 204a

    The AXE133 PCB appears too far to the left and the backlight pins on the LCD module are not visible in the photograph which suggests that the AXE133 PCB is connected incorrectly to the LCD module. When using a module where the backlight pins are near the data bus pins instead of the power pins...
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    Kemo Electronic S043 LCD/LED Displays Lucky Bags - Blog 3 - HD44780-compatible LCDs

    START HERE: INDEX >> Items covered in this blog entry: Varitronix 16x1 + symbols COB LCD (AMPY 2001-11) '90s 16x1 COB LCD (LXC1615ETR) 16x2 COG LCD (08580002-N08YBN00) LCD with pins 16x2 COB character LCD MD216-01 (scroll down to comments) NEW! 128x64...
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    Label not defined problem

    Why isn't the indicated Stop cell connected to anything? Did you fix that problem?