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    Measuring internal resistance of a battery...

    Hi folks, I am needing quite a bit of help as usual! (I am still new to electronics and picaxe) Basically, I am needing to measure the internal resistance of rechargable batteries (sealed lead acid). I am needing to then display this reading on a LCD module. This will mean that I am able to...
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    Picaxe multimeter

    Hi folks, Trust everyone has had a great Christmas. Is there such a thing as a picaxe powered multimeter. I am needing to be able to measure voltages up to 15V DC with currents up to 50Amperes. Is there such a thing? Just to fill you all in, I am needing to monitor the discharge rate of...
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    LCD Backpacks???

    Hi, Just wondering if it is possible to link this board with a lcd and still run it from a picaxe 18X or 18M2? Many thanks
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    HELP PLEASE | LCD Modules

    Thanks for the tips: I have looked in the documentation that came with the starter pack. Unfortunately, it uses a slightly different board layout to the one which I have. (Unusual I know) I have attached an image of what my board really looks like. It does not have holes down the middle in...
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    HELP PLEASE | LCD Modules

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Picaxe 18 starter kit, along with a 16X2 LCD and a separate driver kit. The starter kit uses an 18X pic and the LCD driver uses a 18M2 pic. I have tried to link the systems together, but in vain. For the moment, I am struggling to even get a 'Hello' on the...