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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Hmmm, no response. Read into that what you will.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Lets see if "Technical" respond.
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    Sad news but best wishes anyway. I think an awful lot of users / posters (me included) are approaching that situation.
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    axe133y oled display kit

    look carefully at your 254,128 - look at the wrong bracket on the end !.
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    Water detect wire

    Get 316 grade stainless if you can. 316 contains molybdenum and is much more resistant to corrosion than the common 304 grade. 316 is often called Marine Grade.
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    Fake L293 is a possibility.
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    Not as many as above, but I have used tens of Picaxe's with hundreds of downloads, from 08M2 to 28X2. Only ever had one fail, entirely down to me giving it 12v supply !. Picked up the wrong 'wall wart', 12v instead of 5v.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    I've used 5 of them on my 'N' guage layout, 90% of the layout work done during the last 14 months.
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    Bon à savoir Picaxe et interférences du 230V

    You could have just packed in the coffin nails (smokes).
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Model Railway sales have boomed over the past year in the UK. It was on the National News this morning.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Fair enough.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Be interesting to see if they respond to above question.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    My fear would be he has been forced to find another means of income, along with so many others. I was forced out of business due to no work. Fortunately, I have a good pension from my previous employer of 38 years. So am now fully retired. Thousand's are not so lucky.
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    Constraints of Picaxe ICSP Programming?

    I only ever program using TTL levels, NOT rs232, so don't use any kind of potential divider. I tend to use anything between 10k & 47k for pull down, depends on what I have to hand. 90% of my projects have included header pins for RX,TX & Gnd for programing in circuit.
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    Strange behavior, can't figure it out

    What about pin C.5 ? and the capacitor between +V & 0v pins ?.