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    Poor Man's (Electricity) Smart Meter...

    Buzby. Your comments on code and security errors struck a cord. 25 years ago I was contract installing for a big electronic security company. The most common stand alone codepad we used on alarm systems and door strikes would operate via 4 digit code or static from a comb rubbed down your pants...
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    Water detect wire

    Many decades ago, (pre-picaxe), I used a relay for a pump on and off controlled by a very simple op amp circuit and 12V DC. Not my circuit and lost now, but was suppose to be AC through the 3 stainless steel probes. I never had significant corrosion issues. Worked for years. This was for...
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    Code to control output On and Off pulse times with pots

    Papaof2. I wish someone had told me about the "?" a long time ago. Thanks. Visser. I use these modules for testing for the presents of 42Vac to 240Vac. The outputs can go straight to picaxe inputs. I'd struggle to buy the parts for the price and they're pre-assembled.
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    Code to control output On and Off pulse times with pots

    I'd be using something like these modules to test for the presents of AC mains. 8 channel ----...
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    Bon à savoir Picaxe et interférences du 230V

    The MOC3041 is a zero crossed opti-coupled triac. Over the last ten years I've installed approx 400 of these every year. I get a fail or two in testing every year, but once proven they seem to keep functioning. (no returns). I source them from many suppliers, via Ebay, so some maybe cheap...
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    Sorry to hear that Erco. It's hard enough in this hobby finding English info or understandable Chinglish, and dealing with non English speaking suppliers when we have to. Now even the modules we buy speak Chinese. I'm surprised in that your boards are from and to the US. I believe my supplier...
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    Erco and Julian E. You can't have my modules, however here are links to the seller. Note: when my modules arrived a note with them...
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    Erco, All 'turn on' work as expected. Temperature and heating/cooling say 'already set'?? Min/Max volume work by adjusting modules volume. Module speaks like a Chinese lady doing a USA accent. Need an Aussie accent to be perfect. Plugged USB into my computer which said windows couldn't find...
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    Just powered one up. Mine spoke English. Said 'Welcome to Hi Link'...... I said 'hello lamp', It said 'Hi. How can I help you?' Saying 'Lights On' turned on a LED. 'Lights Off' Turned the LED off. I think I like this module.
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    Hi guys, I ordered 4 of the above modules on the 5th. They arrived this morning, the 10th. (2x basic module and 2x modules on base with mic and speaker). Haven't tried them yet. The supplier customized the basic modules, ie wake up words; 'Wake up' or 'Beam me up Scotty' ..... Reply; 'your wish...
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    rigol dm3058e Bench meter

    I don't have info on that meter but I have noted on other boards solder in fuses that don't look like a fuse. Some look like a capacitor, others like a resistor. I found one cap like one by Googling 'solder in fuses' and found a pic of the same device I had. Just a thought, but you might find a...
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    New Design 60 Amp Mppt Charger Controller using Picaxe 28X2

    Premelec. Several of my close friends experienced premature pyrotechnic exothermic reactions with various levels of damage. Some permanent. I was lucky to avoid that. As an adult living in a peaceful country I've found no use in these skills developed as a child, and have knowledge that I dare...
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    Strange interrupt problem.

    Now noticed other 'if' statements within the main program that don't finish with an endif.
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    Strange interrupt problem.

    Your interrupt sub starts with an 'if' statement without an 'endif'. Also I believe this if line asks for an interrupt if a condition is met. I don't think an interrupt can be called from within an interrupt sub. (anyway the program will no longer be set for interrupt once an interrupt is called...
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    20M2 MQTT node with ESP8266 ESP-01 running Annex (and PCB)

    tmfkam, Thanks for your tip on JLCPCB. I was about to get some boards made and now plan to try JLCPCB. I have reasons for preferring Hong Kong manufacture to mainland China anyway, however my reason for this may no longer apply, unfortunately. Pete