I'm mature age, (over 60), kept young by my 11, 12 and 13 year olds who I have on weekends. Oldest is in year 7 except he has completed year 11 in math. (Has Aspergers).
I have a large general knowledge and experience base, but am an expert at nothing. I left school before completing yr 11 to begin an apprenticeship. My math knowledge is full of holes as since school I've only learned what I needed to know. I struggle with programing. I passed 54 IT subjects, majoring in Networking in '99 - 2000. Ended coarse when my Father died of cancer. Was failing to
grasp the concepts of programing in 'C' and 'VB' anyway. (compulsory subjects).

- Smart house technology. - Circuit board design. - Rescured native birds ie Lorikeets and cockatoos, bee keeping.
South Australia
-Qualified and employed as an electrician, past field technician in Electronic Security
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