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    advice on a new laptop

    johnlong, looks like you hit a sweet-spot with the i5, 8G RAM, and 250 SSD. I never buy new since retired as PC is no longer tax-deductible. Here in the U.S. I have found some great deals through non-profit refurbishes. My $329 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was class "A" and my $260 HP Pro X2 was...
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    Mesure de température

    If you wish non-contact temperature measurements, here is a link to some old 20X2 code of mine based on work by the late Dr. Peter Anderson: The sensors are available from China through AliExpress for a few dollars each...
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    Are there RGB LEDs that can produce a pure WHITE output ???

    This is coming from many years ago when I was building a sock-color-sorter to assist a visually challenged person to mate their socks after wash/dry. As you can tell from Inglewoodpete's response, there is much to consider. Most of the details are contained in #7 response here...
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    1Hz oscilator

    I've used a bunch of methods over the years for pps ... from 555 to RC+FETs, including the surplus battery operated wall clock (wife used to work in a doctor's office, I had a stack of clocks with adverts.) This link has a number of approaches...
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    BASIC for ESP8266

    This is kind of a cool project, IMO: Ray
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    QBF - The Quick Brown Fox: Serial comm tester

    It has been a long time since I posted in the forum (many may be appreciative of this absence) but I wanted to let you know about an Open Source project that I published that is a refresh of an old PICAXE project, the QBF which I originally posted in the Blogs. Serial comm is one of the big...
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    Loading up the Scratchpad

    Based upon my old post This example (Will run in Simulator for 28X2) uses both TABLE and EEPROM to store words which are separated by a comma. The word list came from Wikipedia and I have only implemented a few just to have...
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    Build your own math coprocessor for 3£

    Farnell sells the ATmega328P-PU for 2£64. Add a 16MHz xtal and a couple of small load capacitors and you basically have the makings of a program-it-yourself coprocessor at about 3£. Now on Instructables: Scientific-Calculator/ The idea is to create an instruction set that can be "sent" from...
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    Need help choosing right op-amp for shunt resistor

    Hall Effect current modules WARNING: I just characterized one of these for a project and while the internal IC conductor is 0.0012 mOhm, the total resistance including the cheap screw-down connectors and the PC foil made the overall resistance more like 0.006+ mOhm. For example, pumping just...
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    PICAXE Popularity

    @laserhawk64: PM me with your mailing address in N.C. I will send you by USPS, cost-free to you, an Arduino project board that I have created based on the 328P using the UNO bootloader. The PIX is what you will get... the cable go to a USB serial adapter, so you will need to install the...
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    Characterize Analog-Digital when using Internal Reference

    Sometimes a design just begs to be simple. Such is true when using a PICAXE for AD when there is just no need to go to the expense of building/buying an external high quality voltage reference for the 10-bit output. With some time on my hands today, I decided to characterize an internal...
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    Designing and building PCBs

    A less expensive product is "Tinnit" when you can find it.... One pint, about $8 U.S.
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    Convert my Picaxe Basic code?

    The path is somewhat complicated and somewhat expensive even at the BAS800 reasonable pricing. Certainly is much more complex than using the PICAXE. As an overview: If you know PICAXE BASIC and are comfortable with your projects and are not hitting a 'glass ceiling' due to speed/performance...
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    sample rate

    The DC input impedance is in megohms. The circuit output impedance driving the ADC should be no greater than 100K but most will recommend less-than 50K. This is due to the capacitance on the AD that must charge & discharge... so there is an AC impedance concern. EDIT: THE CORRECT PICAXE...
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    A Play on SMD LEDs

    I was ordering some parts the other day from an eBay seller in the States (reseller, I'm sure his wares come from China, but the shipping was free, but I still think of it as a domestic order!) Anyway, I was about to cash-out my basket when I noticed that he had small numbers of inexpensive SMD...