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    Picaxe "forgetting" firmware

    Yes, when I had a DISABLEBOD command in the code trying to minimise the NAP power consumption - it had minimal effect on the consumption but appeared to have the nasty side effect of corrupting the EEPROM on power up/power down and making the program appear to have completely quit. I solved it...
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    It's alive!

    Very nice dual-purpose board - well done! If you can find any of the other chip for sale from a reputable supplier in reasonable quantities with delivery before Sep 2022, let me know!
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    Thankyou for everything premelec ... best wishes. Martin
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    Anyone Used Stone Displays?

    I have 3 commercial products using Nextion displays and have purchased around 100 so far....always looking for alternatives as they have some drawbacks, and never heard of STONE before....there's a bit of info in the thread at ...which...
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    Dead links in the Picaxe store

    For information, the two data sheet links on are also broken are most of the data sheet links on
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    Flux left on circuit boards

    My thoughts (and in practice, by doing the wash and rinse) is that the IPA dissolves the flux, so you end up with a flux/IPA "soup". The IPA evaporates, but there's no way it makes the flux evaporate, so the flux now must be left on the board, distributed evenly over it, instead of just at the...
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    Flux left on circuit boards

    Great idea - ta! This works for me - I found that acetone/acetone-based/IPA/IPA-based cleaner does clean off the flux in my solder/solder paste off but leaves an unsightly white hard deposit (e.g. - Wurth Brake Cleaner from a...
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    Anyone Used Nextion Displays?

    As far as I know. the .hmi file encryption is proprietary to Nextion and unpublished. The editor really could do with: - a means of documenting/exporting a HMI design in human readable format - a global text search across all objects in a page/project, for example finding all the uses of a...
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    Anyone Used Nextion Displays?

    Interesting. Just played with a bare Nextion and, yes, if you apply a reasonable finger pressure right at the border of the display, that seems to be taken as a "touch", which means that touching elsewhere has no effect - the first touch wins out. We use a design that gently, but rigidly...
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    Anyone Used Nextion Displays?

    I use two cheap eBay CP2102 UART/USB converters to "sniff" (i.e. look but don't touch) the Nextion/processor comms: - RX on one connected to the Nextion TX line - i.e. showing what the Nextion is sending the processor - RX on the other connected to the Nextion RX line - i.e. showing what the...
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    Anyone Used Nextion Displays?

    On a random sampling of a very few Nextion displays (although I've used about 50 so far on my projects), the accuracy of the Nextion RTC is, IIRC, of the order of +/- 3 minutes per day... I use an onboard (and genuine;)) DS3232 for RTC purposes which gives me an accuracy of around 2...
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    AXE027 drivers

    All good here on Win10 Pro 1803 ...I set up AXE027 literally years (6+) ago and it seems to have been unchanged since
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    Picaxe Timing Accuracy

    OK, maybe my wording was not the best...I meant more like... I don't use the alarms. I use the ~INT/SQW pin in its SQW mode, outputting a 1Hz square wave to an interrupt pin that provides a (very) accurate time tick to the rest of my software to do certain tasks every second, one of the many...
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    Picaxe Timing Accuracy

    In that case, I can't see why you are using IMHO a somewhat risky strategy (needing to reliably count to 21600 100's of times per year to get an "every 6 hour event" in a presumably remote environment, putting your faith in power supply variations and xyx etc) when you have a top of the range...
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    Picaxe Timing Accuracy

    If you are just going to count the SQW going high transitions (i.e not use any alarm features, any kind of date/time comparisons or any of the battery backed up SRAM) then you don't need: - line 1 at all - a backup battery ...both giving considerable simplifications :) The D3232 will start at...