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    Maths Help Needed

    Hi neiltechspec, hopefully this is all your after (steps255 toAFR) *20/51+100 =200 (steps255 toVolts) *100/51 = 500 (Volts500 toAFR) /5+100 =200
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    No COM Port AXE027 Windows 10

    Hi SolidWorksMagi, Loooks like you 've only half installed the driver software the first part helps identify it as a com port. So when you plug in the axe027 PORTS (COM & LPT) should come up as you have found. you need to double click on ! Communications Port (COM3) and update the driver also...
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    Ideally all inputs (Rx) should be properly terminated with a low impedance termination. This will greatly improve signal quality especially when used for data. For TTL speeds 4.7k ohms pullups are commonly used (just like whats recommended when using Hi2C) Ideally we want too see the same rise...
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    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    Hi peter howarth, The 40x2 executes its instructions faster than any other picaxe. So using code written for others you may find your having trouble initializing your display! here's some code from post#32, and there are...
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    DS18B20 Code Examples

    Hi RSanger, thanks for your interest ! The DS18B20 is a 12bit (4096) signed sensor so our positve data is from 0 to 2047 to obtain our whole degree Celsius we divide by /16 the Operating Temperature Range is quoted as -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F) with the negative range its a lot easier to...
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    BME280 Code Examples

    Obtaining trimming values and sensor values for use with excel. Quite often it will be recommended for checking it is also useful for negative numbers to validate picaxe code we are using .Just copy and paste from the serial terminal the values highlighted below from my sensor give the values...
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    BME280 Code Examples

    Hi AllyCat, I assumed the pdf in post#1 would keep all formatting (I didn't try it) and as your've shown it wasn't a good choice I'll redo (done). With that high pressure reading I wouldnt be confident there's a major problem there. On my board the humidity reading appears correct when I bring...
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    BME280 Code Examples

    Hi PhilHornby Thanks for your interest! I did skim over AllyCat's thread but I like to try and write my own as then understand a lot better and learn a few new tricks along the way. The picaxe code is using an 18m2 and at the moment 750 bytes long with word variables w7 -w11 free for other...
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    BME280 Code Examples

    Digital Pressure Sensor- With Humidity. The module I am using is the GYBMEP and can be had for about $10 default Hi2c address is $EC but can be rejumpered to use $EE also. On the back has a 3.3v regulator .They suggest 1.8 to 5v can be used to supply this board. I would perhaps prefer to feed...
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    Big number arithmetic problem

    I do like the way your've rounded things up there! simple half step improvement. Multiplying by ten we can also extract two decimals,,for testing if we have time and the patience. for W0= 640 to 700 '163200 / 640 to 2000 SerTxd(cr,lf,#W0," ") '690 w1 = 16320 /w0 *10 w2 = 16320 //w0 *10 w1 =...
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    Big number arithmetic problem

    Hi cpedw, just scale like ur'v done or using a high word w1 = 2000 'test 163200 / 640 to 2000 SerTxd(cr,lf,#w1," ") w1=w1 /4 : w1= 40800 / w1 SerTxd(#w1) w1 = 640 'test 163200 / 640 to 2000 SerTxd(cr,lf,#w1," ") w1=w1 **26317 : w1= $FFFF / w1 SerTxd(#w1)
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS or NEO7 and the AXE133

    Here's some code to view latitude and longitude on your oled 16x2 the gps usually outputs degrees with minutes we convert this back to degrees and display to 6 decimal places. #no_data #terminal 38400 #picaxe 18m2 ' AXE133 marks ' DB7 = B.7 ' DB6 = B.6 ' DB5 = B.5 ' SCL DB4 = B.4 ' DB3 = B.3 '...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Mort, cant you tell by the way I throw the code together I,m self taught too lol its really a case of the data sheet being not quite right or helpfull luckily with the testing you did it eventually got sorted out. It will be interesting if you improve on those initial results ,I hope the test...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Mort, I should be cheeky and just say thats seems spot on lol. I did mention in post #54 In Common mode to get your 24bit result you need to divide by 2 so Common Mode result 16,757,054 divide this by 2 result is 8378527 / 16777215 X 5.007 = 2.50049 v probably all that noise that goes...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    ADCvalue = R2 / (R1 +R2) X 16777215 = 330 / (1000 + 330) X 16777215 = 4162767 R2 = ADCvalue X R1 / (16777215 - ADCvalue) = 4162767 X 1000 / (12614448) = 329.9999