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    Home doen't stay available

    When in the editor File, Home, Simulate, and Picaxe are at the top of the screen. Home used to aways be 'open' when in the editor unless some other option was chosen. Now when in the editor File stays highlighted, but not 'open'. I can click on Home to open it, but as soon as I perform an action...
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    Can't get bptr to work

    I have tried something like the following: let bptr = $55 let blu = $F0 let red = $A0 poke @bptrinc, blu poke @bptrinc, red let bptr = $55 peek @bptrinc, blu peek @bptrinc, red If I run this both blu and red = 240 and the memory does not contain $F0 or $A0 at addr $55. picaxe 20X2
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    can't open output file

    I am trying to program a 28x2. I programmed it once, on the 2nd try it got stuck part way thru the table part. I managed to end the session, then restarted windows to reset the com port. Now day two, I modified the program and attempted to program, I got the message in the title of this post...
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    Cannot get if x bit set or if x & $ then to work

    #Picaxe 40X2 symbol test = w10 if test BIT 1 SET then does not work, the word SET is green also tried if test & $0001 <> 0 then also not accepted.
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    pinout file lost

    My computer crashed and now I can not find the pinout file that contains all the pinouts of the various chips. The editor program is loaded and runs fine. Where or how can I get the pinout files?
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    hserin repeats characters

    20M2. Tried using serin and serout, did not receive any characters. using hserin characters get repeated infinetly. If I type "R9" I see R999999999999999... on the terminal. I am using an RS232 converter. I will try to attach the program I am using.
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    Has anyone gotten an LP55231 to work. I have a board from sparkfun and just want to turn on and off leds, not use its internal engine. So far no luck
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    Input not working correctly

    How do I attach the code file here? Schematic not in electronic form. Pulled up switches attached to B.7 through B.3 and A.3. Solenoid drivers on C.0 through C.7. Limit switches on A.1 and A.2. One second latch on A.0 and B.2. Motor control on B.0 and B.1. Hopefully I figured out how to attach...
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    Input not working correctly

    Picaxe 28X2. I am having a problem with switch inputs. The code for one input which works correctly is if pinB.3 = 0 then blay blay endif. The code for the input that does not work is if pinB.6 = 0 then blay blay endif. Both pins are defined as inputs. if I place the mouse over pinB.3 a box...
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    debug does not show real data

    symbol ADDR = b2 ADDR = $F8 debug label: if pinA.0 = 1 then goto label endif Pin A.0 is high when program is downloaded. The debug window opens but ADDR is shown as 0 not F8. If I use simulate ADDR shows as F8. How do I get the program to run in real time and show the proper data in the debug...
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    Getting a resonator to work on a 28X2

    I have a picaxe 28X2 that is programmed. It runs the same speed with/without a 64 Mhz resonator. Using an oscilloscope I see no activity on either resonator pin other than 60 Hz hum.
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    How do I access bits

    I need to determine if bits of a byte are high or low. So I have symbol ADDR = b2. I can't use ADDR.bit7, and I have tried various commands such as if ADDR & this, also if ADDR AND this, where this is a variable or DCDn. I can't seem to use any variation of if ADDR & or if ADDR AND as I get a...
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    Are there arrays

    I am planning to use an X2 part. Are single dimentional arrays allowed? I don't see anything in the manual. The syntax checker did not reject the word dim, but would not accept name(n) or name[n].
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    28X1 input pins A3 and C3

    I have a picaxe 28X1. I have a keypad connected such that key 1 goes to pin A.3 and key 5 goes to pin C.3. The editor does not let me use pinA.3 only pin3, so I have in my code IF PIN3 = 1 THEN do this and another statement IF PINC.3 =1 THEN do this. When I press 1 on the key pad nothing...
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    Unable to load AXE027 drivers

    When the cable was plugged into the PC I did not get a new hardware found window. The Device Manager however does show AXE027 PICAXE USB. I cannot find any executable drivers, all I see are .dll, .sys, .inf, etc.