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    Having fun playing with new Hall effect chips

    Well I like to pass on fun devices when I run across them, so I thought I would pass on two Hall effect items I just got off E-bay. I had heard and read about Hall effect devices before but never really had a need to actually try them, so it was a first for me to play with. These are both very...
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    Afforable rotory optical encoder found

    I've spent several months looking for nice industrial grade quality rotory optical encoders on E-bay but just not found anything at nice hobby prices avalible. Finally I stumbled upon B&G micro and they seemed to have a nice price on one without a lot of details provided. I went ahead and...
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    Bargain found for logic level power MOSFET

    I'm sure many of you are aware of how useful logic level power N channel MOSFET transistors are for allowing a Picaxe to switch high power loads with minimum hassle. I found a nice buy on E-bay on ten 60 volt 50 amp devices and thought I would pass it along for those of you in the USA. It works...
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    More to life then just Picaxe fun

    Ran across the below video yesterday and had a lot of fun researching about them. Not real useful for anything practical as it drains the battery pretty quickly being a almost dead short across the battery. However it should be fun to try and impress my grand daughter with them. I found a ton of...
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    Interesting new USB Picaxe modules seen

    Ran across these tonight on E-bay. Seller appears to be very new to E-bay and I've had no contact other then reading the listings.
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    OK how does it work and can a Picaxe do it?

    Check out this video I saw on another site. Can we figure out how it works and make a Picaxe do it? Lefty
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    Nuts & Bolts mag to host Pixaxe primer

    Nuts & Volts mag to host Pixaxe primer Just received Dec. addition of Nuts and Volts and they are starting an every other month Picaxe Primer section by Ron Hackett. While N&V has had many Picaxe articles in the past it's nice to see a regular installment start and I'm sure it will bring...
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    For us oldtimer geeks!

    How cool is this? Had to share this item, not to encourage purchase but just so we can gander together. We've come a long way in this hobby Lefty
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    5vdc latching relays @ 40 cents each!

    We probably don't want to see a bunch of commercial offerings on this forum but I thought this deal too good to not let those interested know about. I've no attachment to seller other then having bought 10 of them recently. These are 5 volt, single coil, 2 amp DPDT contacts, latching relays...
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    Testing attachment picture

    Much better forum software, thanks Lefty
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    Floating point support chip

    I was checking out the SparkFun web site and ran across the uM-FPU V3.1 Floating Point Coprocessor chip. I noticed they have a free IDE software that will generate Picaxe interface code. So has anyone actually used this V3 chip? It sure seems to have a lot of features in addition to the FP...
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    New 28X1 arrived, works great !

    Well after waiting it seems forever my new 28X1 arrived Friday. I cobbled together a small radio shack perf board with just a basic picaxe passive serial interface and reset switch, but did add a socket mounted 16mhz resonator that came with the 28x1 and a 16 mhz 4 pin oscillator chip, with a...
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    setfreq for new 28X1

    In anticipation of my 28X1 arriving (soon I hope!) I would like a little help on understanding external resonator Vs the Setfreq command. The new manual2 states that the yet to be released X2 uses a 4X PLL so that external resonators need to be 4 times slower then that actual clock speed...
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    ADC10 - PWM question

    Hi Group; Just acquired a picaxe stack 28X kit this week and got it assembled and going yesterday. I'm very impressed with the whole picaxe system and know I'm going to have a blast. I've been exploring the features and learning the software. One quick experiment I did was to test out the ADC...