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    not outputing 4-16 decoder

    hi i am using a 4-16 decoder 74hct154 and i am trying to output three differnt things of which two are lighting up fine but one isnt i was wondering if it was anything to do with my code outputs: let dirsc=%11111111 let pinsc=%00000000 let pins=b6 pause 2 ***let pinsc=%11110000 let pins=b7****...
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    read,b0 how to do it to pinsc

    hi i need to read a var value b0 to the output pins but not the standard pins but the pinsc whats the code i need to use to do this thanks Edited by - lakey009 on 23/07/2007 19:49:01
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    8x16 dot matrix vu meter

    hi i was just thinking about making a vu meter and i thought i could use my 16x8 dotmatrix that ive just been testing i was just wondering if anyone has ahny idea about going about this using a picaxe thanks
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    outputs pins

    hi iw as wondering what other pin could i use as an output i am all ready using all the 16 on the 40x1 and the serout or is that all i can use thanks
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    serial problem connection

    hey ive just tryied to re program my picaxe and ive found that it is not connecting right all of the cables are in right i programed it yesterday but now it is just coming up no hardwear connected i am using the serial out as a output did this effect it any help bould be great thanks alot
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    help serial out as an output

    hi i am using a picaxe 40x1 ad ive used all the outputs and yet i still need one more i was looking on the net and found that i could use the serial out as one im not quite sure how can anyone help me please i know that the code is someting like main: poke $05,%00000000 pause 1 ect...
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    4x8 words moving across the screen

    hi i have an 8x8 matrix and i am using the last four rows so put some words going across the bottom of the screen iv done all of the code for the words and for the coulnms ive used var values so all i need to do is add or take one off the var to make the whole word move but the picaxe uses 0-7...
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    holding a button over a time period

    hi i have four button that can be pressed ive put my picaxe 40x1 onto the bread board and the button that i need to press are really sensitive so to solve this i thought i could solve this by making the time period that the button is held but i need some help on doing this and if i put a wire...
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    dot matrix 8x8 programming help

    hi ive coded a dotmatrix (8x8) but i programmed it as both colunm and row that i want to turn on is a 1 and of corse we need one 0v to turn the led on so ive been chaging it but ive some how confused my self about it im using the 40x1 16 outputs 8 for the row and 8 for the colunms so now my...
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    ive been reading the i2c datasheets and i understand some of it but not much i am connecting a picaxe40x1 and a max6953epl+ i understand that it is the scl and sda that you connect to the other chip for them to send infomation between them so now my problem the max6953 is a led driver and i want...
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    8x8 dot matrix pin out (colunms and rows)

    hi i have just got some 8x8 dot matrix and when i was testing them they only light some leds so i thought it was my breadboards which is isnt as when i have been playing around with them its the pins which are not in order like all the rows on one set of 8 pins and all the colums on other set of...
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    how it works inputs, max6953epl+

    hi i was told to look at the max6953epl+ chip for driving a matrix so i did and i found out what it does and i even tried a sample and got a free chip sent which was kool but when i was looking it doesnt tell you about the three inputs which control the matrix so i was wondering if any one knew...
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    dot matrix tester

    hi i was just wondering if there was a program which you can test your dot matrix code on so like i write a code the load it up in an other simulator and run it looking at it like 8x8 dot matrix instaed of just the outputs you get on programming editor does anyone know of any programs like it
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    simulation stopping

    hi when i test my programming whichthere is nothing wrong with after about 30seconds the simulation stops as ive said my programming is fine because it runs throught it a few times before stopping is this anything to do with the gosubs thingy in the simulation ??? help please
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    linking two dot matrix

    hi, i am planning on making a dot matrix pong game(two paddles and a ball which you batt around) testing my game using the simlation i have just seen that it is very easy due to it being almost square 7x8 matrix so i thought maybe i could hook up two matrix using all of the same code (apart from...