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    Any Kiwis looking for GPS/GPRS modules on the cheap?

    These could be worth a punt: The blurb says GPS but am pretty sure form preliminary proof-by-google that they also have GPRS and possibly more. Cheers, JohnO
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    Momentary push button to power on, software controlled power down

    Hi all, In another post I mentioned this had been covered here... but I couldn't find anything. Any reason this would not work: Connect power to the Picaxe power pin through a momentary action push button, perhaps with a capacitor/resistor to ground. This will power up the picaxe when pressed...
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    Wireless suggestion please?

    Hi All, I need to place a keypad outside our automatic gates to allow remote opening. However the keypad will need to be on the opposite side from the power and the gate control box and I don't want to dig up a trench to lay more wires. I could easil make a keypad and simple picaxe circuit but...
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    Cheap DX Scopes

    Hi All, These look handy - anyone here have any experience with them? full view Cheers JohnO
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    Off topic - circuit for sensing daylight

    Hi all, I need to disable some 12VAC garden lights using a relay, when it is daylight. I don't think I need a PIC to do this and suspect it is a simple (for some) job for something like an LDR and an op-amp comparator? Or a photo transistor? to switch the relay. But it would need to be...
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    Relay vs SCR or TRIAC

    Just wondering what the advantage of a relay is apart from perhaps isolation? Why would you ever bother with a bulky relay that has mechanical wear and requires more power to activate? I need to take a logic level output from a gate motor controller and use it to switch on some 12V AC garden...
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    Redundancy, self checking and fail-over

    Hi Just wondering if anyone had any experience in implementing a redundant fail-over picaxe based system? I'd be interested to hear how it can be done. In particular I wonder how a picaxe could be monitored to ensure it is doing it's job properly, getting valid readings from it's sensors etc...
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    Car power supply

    This has been hotly debated in the past - in particular the risk of spikes etc blowing up your circuit. My question is this: what about the cheap cigarette lighter power units that abound for powering everything from cellphones to gameboys? I've never had an electronic device connected to one...
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    iRDA - I'll be damned!

    It never ceases to amaze me the range of PIC compatible modules out there, that can make our lives easy. I recently looked up iRDA and decided it was way too hard for PICAXE, unless there was a module available with built in iRDA protocol stack. At the time I couldn't find such a device...
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    PE for Linux?

    Hi - I asked if there was an update on this in the PE forum but no answer. Could Technical or anyone else let us know the status of this project? Cheers JohnO
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    Stackable modules?

    Hi All, I really like the idea of using communicating picaxes to split the logical workload into distinct functions. As an example, a picaxe as an RF comms processor, another as a data collector, another as a user interface processor etc all given directions by a master controller. Each can be...
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    SD/MMC Interface

    Hi All, I just stumbled over this and recall there were some discussions here on the same subject: User guide: Does this make SD card storage for Picaxe...
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    Attn Kiwi Picaxers

    I noticed a couple of items at the Big Red Shed today that may be of interest: - Outdoor solar garden lights for $2.95. It has a mushroom-like enclosure with a clear 360 degree window, rechargeable battery, bright wite LEDs, solar cell and presumably a light sensor of some sort, so should be...
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    Driveway Gate Obstruction Detection

    Good Morning, all. I would like to implement an obstruction detector to stop the automatic driveway gates from closing when there's an obstruction between them. The gate controller as a simple NO switch input that returns the gates to open whenever it is closed. I wondered if this could be...
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    Who has had a play with fluxgate compasses?

    Hi All, There's a couple of cheap i2c compasses available, and I'm thinking of making a compass for use in an aircraft*. On the face of it, the project is very simple - a PICAXE, an i2c compass and an LCD display to show the heading. However in an aircraft, you are tilting in the turns and...