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    ColorPal Only works on 18M2? (at 8 MHz)

    Hi, I've been pulling my hair out with this one. I'm using the code from WestAust55. Well a chopped down version of it. This only gives a transition RGB then an input of RGB and displays it on the terminal in the PE. It seems only to work on the 18M2. I have tried the same code adjusting the...
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    ColorPAL and Picaxe

    Hi, It's been a long time since I posted something so I was looking at doing something with colour sensors and came across the Parallax ColorPAL sensor and wondered if it would work with the Picaxe chips. It turns out that WestAust55 did some work helping someone back in 2012. I found the useful...
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    Title: Pocket LEDs (Game)

    Forgot to put in an On/off switch on the circuit diagram... So here it is. Comments are welcome.
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    Title: Pocket LEDs (Game)

    Ok the last bit is the schematic...
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    Title: Pocket LEDs (Game)

    The program uses an 18M2+ Picaxe chip for the code and utilises a CD4026B chip to drive the seven segment display. The only other items are the push to make switch handful of resistors, some LEDs and the small piezo sounder. These are shown marked in the next picture.
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    Title: Pocket LEDs (Game)

    I was hoping to put this project into a small key ring type enclosure but haven't got the time at the moment. Thought I would post it here though in case anyone wanted to use the code etc. Title: Pocket LEDs Description: I was trying to create a simple game that would be easy to do, but would...
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    Ignition lead sensor

    Here is my first thought on the circuit diagram
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    Ignition lead sensor

    Hi, I need a bit of help if possible on the subject of sensing when the spark plug fires on a motorbike from the ignition lead. (four stroke or two) I know that there used to be strobe lights that wrapped something around an ignition lead and flashed the light. I suppose my question is what is...
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    Random Numbers with Picaxe chips

    Hi, How does anyone do random numbers with Picaxe chips? I have this method which seems to work but has anyone got a straight forward way of writing a snippet of program to do this on a Picaxe. I'm looking for something to seed the random before I use it but not using outside the chip stuff...
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    No parts for 28x2 module are the modules available in VSM?

    Probably a stupid question but are the modules available in VSM. I had a look in the demo version but couldn't find them. Thank you.
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    2 relays from one output pin?

    Thanks Dartmoor I have looked at the CHI030 board. Didn't realise what it did until now! So do you say the circuit might be like this for the one picaxe output pin? and relays with coils 4.5VDC? It seems more like this one.
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    2 relays from one output pin?

    Jim, Thanks for coming back so quick. Would this be ok or would you suggest something else?
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    2 relays from one output pin?

    Can someone tell me if it is feasible to run two relays from one picaxe output pin? I want to turn two relays ON when the picaxe output pin is made high and use a separate power from the picaxe 5V source but the same 12V source on the relays. Thank you:)
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    Auto-attitude adjuster for a model glider. (auto-pilot)

    In this project I wanted to try to imitate some sort of Auto-pilot an Auto-attitude adjuster for a model glider without radio control. I am not sure I have the program correct yet. I was thinking that timing the checking of the switches somehow may be better. I'm not sure it is necessary though...
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    12v car battery input to picaxe help please.

    Rossko Like this you mean? Thank you very much. Kando