John West

Semi-retired electronics tech. Self-taught. Played with and worked with electronics all my life. Worked for HP, TRW, IBM, Sony, etc. Know a bit about electronic hardware circuitry - analog and digital, audio, RF, switchmode supplies, feedback systems, experiment with antennas and feed-lines, modulation methodologies, LASER comms, etc.

Technician Class amateur radio license.

Longwave radio experimenter.

I sometimes do PCB CAD layouts and make my own bds.

Started two electronics businesses that failed. Now I'm in my 60's, disabled and working part-time at 5 different jobs, including, doing repair and calibration work for NIST in Colorado, USA.

I have a lab full of good old test equipment (HP,Tek,Fluke,Krohn-Hite, etc) and far too many surplus electronics parts and assorted other electronic junk.

I've been dabbling in a variety of programming languages on and off for years, but have never really learned any languages to speak of. Been too busy with hardware systems.
Colorado USA
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