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    Simple connections to the AXE117 project board

    half an amp at 50 volt - so good for most. Opto isolator used for most cameras
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    Help needed choosing relays £40 Ebay UK :) Or £10 for chip
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    ESP8266 BASIC

    Install the PE6 simulator
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    Windows 7 alternative?

    Try Classic Shell - free and makes 10 look and behave like 7 :)
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    Best starter pack?

    Got the experimenter pack ;)AXE091U
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    Best starter pack?

    My 40+ son has asked for an electronics kit that he plugs things into and it "just works" any suggestions? :)
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    Can I do something to repair a 28x2 ?

    Change the micro? :sleep:
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    irin vs servo

    And in the UK
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    DAC 7571 from ti

    We all make misteaks :love:
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    DAC 7571 from ti

    Symbol level.lsb = b2 Symbol level.lsb = b3 one is wrong :oops:
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    forum certificate expired?

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    Help with project

    What are you trying to make? :oops:
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    repeating procedure using inc Var

    inc varA ^ Syntax error on line 6 at/before position 4 Error: Unknown symbol - varA:(
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    repeating procedure using inc Var

    Your flowchart has no commands/code in it 😕
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    Servo driver board is no longer available

    Radio Shack don't exist in the UK anymore. You need to set a budget and the forum can help deciding what to get … I recommend Antex XS25 for an iron .. about £25 .. so budget is important :confused: