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    Help with Servos

    If you decide to go with the YX5300 MP3 player, I have used those a lot and have code I can dig up. They work great and act as a tell the board to play the MP3 file and then go back to whatever you were doing.
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    PicAxe Teaching System

    I just made my own version of the Goeytex solution. The Silicon Labs adapter works great!
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    Creating a map subroutine

    Just after posting that I found this older discussion of the same programming problem:
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    Creating a map subroutine

    Hi, I tested this, and it works well. I used an 08M2 so the code needed a few tweaks. I added this at the top: ' Connections SYMBOL servopin = C.2 SYMBOL potpin = C.4 ' *** Originally was pin 0, which does not support ADC on 08M2 That led to a couple of other adjustments...
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    I'm sorry to hear that, but thank you for all the insightful posts over the years! You made a great contribution to the community.
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    Lighting for Halloween

    Hi David, I did some checking...I have some of the other EFX-Tek boards and wanted to see how they would work with the PicAxe. It's actually pretty simple, the command is almost the same. Here's a code snippet to get you started. This is for the AP-16 board: ' -----[ I/O Definitions...
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    Lighting for Halloween

    Hi David, While the EFX-Tek board uses Parallax Basic, and the commands are similar to PicAxe Basic, there are some differences. You should get both sets of docs - download the Parallax Basic Stamp Editor so you can get their manual. This...
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    PicAxe Teaching System

    Erco - Nice! You're not using the 100n capacitor Goeytex showed?
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    PicAxe Teaching System

    Erco - Where do you order the 74HC14s from?
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    Web Graph Display

    This is a good open source library, we used it at my last job.
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    Traps for young players

    You tell 'em, Dave!
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    Pill Dispenser / Cat Feeder Project help

    Have a look here to get started with stepper motors: Also look through the PDF manuals for more info, especially on how to use a button and a buzzer. You might be able to scavenge a stepper motor from an old computer...
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    Is there an Editor for Windows CE?

    Erco, a better idea is to take that apart and see if there's useful stuff inside. Otherwise use it as a target for one of your robots. :)
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    PIR so confusing

    Just thought of something - what kind of relay do you have? Can you post a link? I use one of those little relay modules you can get cheaply on ebay. But some of them are set up so that they trigger when the pin is set to LOW instead of HIGH. If it's clicking for the initialization, that may...
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    Cell phone backup battery - useful gadget

    I was at a trade show recently, and one of the booths was giving away cell phone backup battery packs with the company name on them. These are a useful gadget for use with a microcontroller! They have one or more 18650 batteries in a case; you charge them up via USB and then they put out a...