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    Random number between 0 and 4

    I am trying to generate a random number between 0 and 4 and also 0 and xxxx. I have tried a number of options, but a pattern always seems to occur. I have tried calling random from within a loop to generate different seed numbers. My main problem seems to be that the results of random number...
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    pic axe08M hanging up

    I have three switch inputs to an 08M, two LED outputs, one a standard LED and the other an infra-red LED. The led's flash when an input is pressed. One flash for one button, 2 flashes for another and 3 flashes for the 3rd button. infrared led is flashed using infraout command. Problem: two...
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    PicAxe Microcontroller Book Index

    I have got the book 'Programming & Customizing the PicAxe' by David Lincoln (McGraw Hill). It's a good book but my main sticking point is the index, or rather lack of index! All of the page numbers in the index are wrong :-( Does anybody know where I can get a correct index with the right...