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    Elegant one-key code entry?

    I have created a motor-driven lock for a workshop door, and all is working well. The circuit is straightforward, utilising an 08M2 with: two outputs to drive the motor through an L293D one input for two limit switches (in parallel) so the motor knows when to stop one output for a status LED one...
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    Hello, I'm back (with a new Picaxe project)!

    I was looking for a 'chit-chat' section in the Picaxe forums, but couldn't find an appropriate section, so I hope it's okay to post here (it's Picaxe project-related). After a couple of years away from the Picaxe forums (and electronics in general), I have finally got back to it. I have got the...
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    Automatically step-into source line?

    I have finally purchased a Picaxe VSM licence, and I'm very happy with it (excellent value for money). I have a question with regards to debugging and stepping-into code... I understand that I can manage this manually by clicking on the relevant 'step' and 'running man' icons, but I am...
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    Basic questions about VSM

    If the Picaxe VSM does what I think it does, it seems to be amazing value for money. Before I commit, could someone confirm that I fully understand the purpose(s) of the software. 1) Design circuits on-screen utilising Picaxe chips and other components in the provided library. 2) Design...
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    IR receiver -> Mouse

    Hi, I have a Windows 7 PC that I am using as a "Media Centre", and to control it I have a Logitech Harmony handset that transmits the correct codes to a USB DVB-T receiver that has a built-in IR receiver. Unfortunately, when the PC is put into standby, the DVB device is not capable of bringing...
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    Picaxe book

    As mentioned in another thread, my Picaxe skills are quite rusty, and my electronic skills are very rusty. I'm wondering if there is any benefit to getting the book, Programming & Customizing the PICAXE Microcontroller, or am I likely to learn as much by reading all the manuals, forums and...
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    Detecting when an 'external' LED flashes

    Hi, After an absence from these forums of quite some time (about two years, I think), I am almost ready to get back into the workshop and do some tinkering, but I am hoping to obtain some advice before I dig in. Hopefully, this is a relatively simple project (aren't they the ones that always...
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    Possible budget serial Bluetooth solution

    I haven't looked into it in any detail, but CPC (Farnell) have an RS232 to Bluetooth adaptor for £27.50 + VAT. I know that the question of Picaxe comms via Bluetooth arises every now and again, so I thought I would mention it. I have done a web search, but unfortunately have not been able to...
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    Bluetooth & Picaxe info

    I remember someone asking about communicating via Bluetooth with a Picaxe recently. I just came across this and thought it might be useful...
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    Software suggestion

    I have a suggestion which (to me) only seems to be a small step to your software becoming a free competitor to Flowol ( I am going to guess that you have heard of Flowol, but if not, it's definitely worth a look. It has a feature called 'Mimics' which is effectively the same as...
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    Problems downloading to Picaxe

    I am having problems downloading to some new picaxes. I think I have exhausted virtually all possibilities, so I thought I'd explain the problem together with what I have tried with the hope that someone can spot something obvious - or maybe not so obvious... I have three picaxe 18X chips and...
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    Infra red sensor LED020

    I've had a look at the datasheet provided for tech-supplies infra-red sensor LED020, but the datasheet covers 7 different specs (varying frequencies). Does anyone know which one tech-supplies is supplying? Thanks in advance.
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    Picaxe newbie

    Hello all, I'm completely new to the picaxe (and microcontrollers), so please treat me gently! I have a (very) basic knowledge of electronics, and I am having some trouble fully understanding the outputs on the picaxe project board... I have done some experimenting and have successfully lit an...